Trinath Majumder

Sanhati Saha

Ranabir Ghar

DREAMSPINNER    Syamantak Chattopadhyay

Sutanu Kumar Roy

Soham Dutta

Sanjay Kamilya


” Adventure” by Trinath Majumder

” Very promising as cartoonist.Choice of subject is impressive.So also is the exaggeration for effective expressiveness and humorous communication. However, there is still room for better execution.”-JURY

” Change” by Sanhati Saha

” A good work indeed, both in terms of idea and execution.Attempts to be more original would enrich the cartoon. The accompanying text also deserves appreciation.”- JURY

“Untitled” by Ranabir Ghar

“Idea fairly well, execution excellent.”-JURY


“Change” by Syamantak Chattopadhyay

” Good idea as well as execution.However, far more originality of execution has to be achieved.”-JURY


” Adventure” by Sutanu Kumar Roy

” Impressive craftsmanship, though improvement needed at the level of sarcasm (caricature). The skill for using software for drawing and painting is appreciated but efficient use of pen/brush would also enrich the cartoon.”-JURY

“Untitled” by Soham Dutta

” Very good skill of cartoon drawing. But, more imaginative idea would make it a complete piece of art.”-JURY

“Self caricature” by Sanjay Kamilya

“Extremely good drawing skill; however, substantial room for improvement in idea.” -JURY