An announcement

ChotaMota Art Program – 25 (AP-25) will remain open for 23 days – from 22 July to 13 August 2023. Anybody, from anywhere, in the age group of 15 to 27, can take part!

Submit your entries at any time during this period.

You may participate in all the three art categories. Send us a maximum of two entries for an art category. 

There is no entry fee.

The Foundation does not stake any copyright claim on the items of artwork entered in the art programs.


Select entries to the art program shall be accorded financial awards and will be put on display on this website. Award money for the art programs have been recently scaled up. The new award structure is:

Award category

Amount (Rs.)







Budding Weaver

(only for age-group 15-17yrs. and first timers)


Only one award will be conferred to a participant for the best among the jury-recommended art works submitted in an art category.


A first-time participant in an art category may get a Budding Weaver award, if none of his / her entries qualifies for a higher award   and one of them meets the minimum standard set for an award.

For the other participants in Poster : 

The participants awarded at least twice in the past will be considered only for Dreamspinner and Trailblazer awards.

CMF art programs are NOT competitions. The entries are therefore not ranked as first, second, etc. Instead, a three-member jury is appointed to evaluate each art work independently on its own merit. Based on the jury’s evaluation, each of the select entries is graded in one of the above four award-categories.



AP-25 includes three Art categories :-




Opens on:       Saturday 22 July 2023                    

Closes on:       Sunday 13 August 2023

Results on:       Sunday 24 September 2023

CATCHPHRASES for all the three Art Categories : 



But oh dear, forget how much we differ

“ভুলে যা ভাই কাহার সঙ্গে কত টুকুন তফাত হল”  

To you, my debt endless/ For tender affectionate days


স্নেহ সবুজ দিন, তোমার কাছে ঋণ 

Turn on light … light not fire

আলো জ্বালাও, আগুন  নয়  

You are free to choose any of the listed Catchphrases for Poster only, There is no Catchphrase for Graphic Story and Short Film. Catchphrases are not to be interpreted literally. Be as creative as possible in your interpretation and application. Give vent to your ideas freely… and shape your creation taking cue from the catchphrases. 

More about catchphrases ….

  • There is no Catchphrase for Graphic Story and Short Film.
  • For Poster, you may send at most one entry on a theme of your choice.  The other entry must be using a Catchphrase. You may as well use Catchphrases for both the entries.
  • Same Catchphrase may be used for more than one art category or two entries in the same Art category.
  • Catchphrases are not topic or theme; they are just to stimulate the thinker in you.


Make a statement of your own in form of poster using paint-brush or pencil or pen or your laptop. Pick the Catchphrases and/ or a theme of your choice and get going. You may choose any subject of your choice other than those that are overtly on partisan politics. Send a jpeg of your creation. You need not send the original artwork now. Just keep a hard copy ready for sending to us when required.

Graphic Story (Comics strip and Illustrated story)

There is no Catchphrase for Graphic Story.

If you want to tell your story with illustration, let it be in not more than 10 pages of text and visuals.

Or if you wish to narrate your story in Comics, let it be in not more than 10 frames.

You need not send the original artwork now. Only keep a hard copy ready for sending to us when required.

Short Film

There is no Catchphrase for Short Film also.

Grab your phone or camera and get shooting.  The movie you send in could be anywhere from 30 seconds to about 12 minutes in length, as long as it says what you want it to. You can use any style of movie making, including animation, stop motion etc.. Make sure you give due credits to your team.

 Accompany your entry with a short (within 50 words) write up about it.

The write up is to contain the following:

  1. What prompted you to do it

2.      Technical details of your Artwork: e.g.  medium (oil, acrylic, digital, mixed etc.)  size (not applicable for digital work), – For Poster and Graphic Story. Mention the device used in Short Film.




  • Question the commonplace and express your ideas in any of the above three art categories.
  • Send us a maximum of 2 entries you want in one or all the three art categories. More than two entries for an art category would stand disqualified.
  • Don’t repeat entries if you had already sent them to ChotaMota; the entries will then be disqualified.
  • Send only those creations completed within last six months.
  • Make sure what you submit is a composition of your own creation, and speaks truly to you.
  • Feel free to borrow ideas from others and acknowledge, but don’t reproduce others’ work in entirety. You will be disqualified if you are found to do so.



On-line submission:

  • For Poster , if the entry you would like to submit is originally developed on an electronic medium, please convert it into a JPEG Otherwise, if the original is on a physical medium (like paper and canvass), first scan it or photograph it and then convert the photo or the scanned copy into a JPEG file and send us.
  • For Graphic Story, send the entry in pdf version (all the frames combined as a single pdf) and not in jpg as before.
  • For Short Film,  upload the video to vimeo, youtube or other video hosting sites and send us the link. Dropbox or Google Drive links will also do.
  • Click Upload Entry to submit your entry.

You may contact here:

The ChotaMota Foundation
3/6/1 S.M Ali Road,
Barrackpore – 700120
West Bengal, India.

Mobile and WhatsApp:        (+91) 98365 68902