At the ChotaMota Foundation we have a new dream … a dream of presenting an abundance of free space to the budding talents in diverse fields of Art. Mostly unknown and unsung, they crave to see the magic in the world.  We seek to provide such talents with access to the opportunities they lack. This is to create a beehive of out-of-box thoughts, dreams and creations.

Select entries shall be rewarded financially and will be put on display on this website. These will also be displayed in an exhibition at a major venue in Kolkata.  The Foundation will not stake any copyright claim on the items of artwork entered in Art Program

About Seventh Art Program (AP-7)

Who can take part?
Anybody, from anywhere, as long as you’re in the age group of 15 to 27, can take part!

There is no entry fee.

AP-7 covers three art categories:

For convenience, CMF prefers the language to be English or Bangla.

Enriched by the first five editions of the art programs, CMF adopted a new format since the AP-6. And intends to continue it with a slight variation in the AP-7 as well.

What’s new?

First, not so new, the idea of ‘time slots’. Like AP-6, AP-7 will also have time slots. But,

  • AP-7 will be of only one month duration and
  • It will have two 15-day time slots.
  • The first time slot (March 16 to April 7) is the open time slot(Due to technical snag last date of submission of entries extended to April 7 2019) You are free to choose themes, topics and concepts of your own.
  • The second time slot (April 1 to April 15) will have catchwords. Shape your imagination using the catchword options.
  • Choose your catchword from the two options given under the art category of your choice. Give vent to your ideas freely… and shape your creation.
  • Catchwords are not topic or theme; they are just to stimulate the thinker in you.
  • Also keep in mind that, for each art category, the number of entries in the two time slots together should NOT exceed three.


None for the first time slot!

for Second
Time slot
Cartoon &
01 to 15

What are you required to do?

  • Select your art category for second time slot: 
    • pick the catchwords of your choice for your chosen art category 
    • use one catchword-option for one art work.
    • submit your entries during the specified time.
  • The first time slot is open for all the art categories. That is, you may submit art work of your free will.
  • For your entries, you may choose;
    • both the time slots for one or more art categories of your choice. But for an art category, the number of entries in two slots together should not exceed three
  • You may get an award worth (INR 1000-5000) for your best artwork in an art category.
  • Don’t repeat entries if you’ve already sent them to ChotaMota
  • Send those creations only completed within last one year.
  • Make sure what you submit is a composition of your own creation, and speaks truly to you.
  • Feel free to borrow ideas from others and acknowledge, but don’t reproduce others’ work in entirety.
  • To submit each art work on-line, you will have to fill the form appearing after you click on the UPLOAD ENTRY button. 


We are accepting entries in the following art categories:

  • Creative writing: in Bangla or English
  • Cartoon and Caricature and
  • Photography

Cartoon & Caricature

First time slot is open!

Pick the catchword of your choice for the second time slot. And float your thoughts!

Send us a jpeg version of your creation, or the hard copy itself! Do not send the original artwork now.  But it must be kept ready for submission when required.

Accompany your entry with a short (within 50 words) write up about it. Don’t forget to mention the medium chosen (including digital) and the size (not applicable for digital work) of your artwork, otherwise it won’t be accepted. Don’t write your name on your artwork.

Also keep in mind that we will accept maximum of three entries in two time slots of this Art Program.

Creative Writing

First time slot is open!

Pick the catchword of your choice for the second time slot. Express whatever way you wish to!

  • a story of your own or a fairy tale or a folklore you like to retell in your own way, or
  • a travelogue of a known or unknown place, or
  • a dialogue/ monologue of characters – living or imaginary, or a sheer fantasy.

in prose or poetry and in not more than  500 words.

Just make a .pdf version and send it to us. Don’t mention your name on it.

Also keep in mind that we will accept maximum of three entries in two slots of this Art Program.


First time slot is open!

Pick the catchword of your choice for the second time slot

Get the image with your phone or camera to capture the magic in the world or create a vision with your own photographs on your laptop.  Accompany your entry with a short (about 50 words) write up about it and make sure you mention the devices and techniques you have used.

Photographs with borders, watermarks, frames or name/signature will not be accepted.


Start of program

Saturday, 16th March, 2019

Last date for receiving entries

Monday, 15th April, 2019

Announcement of selected entries
Monday, 20th May, 2019


On-line submission:

  • For Cartoon and Caricature, if the entry you would like to submit is originally developed on an electronic medium, please convert it into a JPEG file. Otherwise, if the original is on a physical medium (like paper and canvass), first scan it or photograph it and then convert the photo or the scanned copy into a JPEG file.
  • For Creative Writing, covert your entry to PDF and send to us.Don’t mention your name
  • For photography,
    entries should be in 1024 X 768 pixels (longer side), with resolution 72 dpi saved as JPEG. The image should be converted to an sRGB colour space and must not exceed 1 MB.

Submission by post or by hand:

If you intend to submit your entry by post or by hand, you should send your  entry along with a duly filled-in registration form. Click below for registration form. In case you are not able to get copy of the registration form, please contact us.

Send the Entries to the following address:

The ChotaMota Foundation
3/6/1 S.M Ali Road,
Barrackpore – 700120
West Bengal, India

Download registration form