What is ChotaMota?

The ChotaMota Foundation (CMF) is just the creative space you would crave to be in. A space for expressing your “own” ideas, in words or colours.

A space for voicing your ideas that are really not ‘ideal’ – in forms not bound by ‘norms’

– for carving images, in words or colours, urged by your very own artistic instincts.

In course of time, the foundation envisages to turn itself into a meeting ground of creative minds of all ages. A meeting ground of those in need of freedom of thought and expression to flourish on their own terms.

What does it do?

It holds regular online Art Programs on selected forms of visual arts(Painting, Poster, Photography, Cartoon & Caricature, Graphic Story, Short Film) and creative writings in Bangla and English for young innovative minds. Financial awards are given for out-of-box art works selected by a distinguished jury.

Who Can take part in Art Programs?

Anybody, from anywhere as long as you are in the age group of 15-27 yrs. No registration fees.

How to take part in Art Programs?

All you need to do is to find the ongoing “Art Program Guidelines” , click it, go through it and finally “submit” your Artwork.

What is new?

At Program 24 -2023 has already started on 15 April 2023 and will come to a close on 07 May 2023.

ChotaMota Foundation actively supported CartoonDol in organizing a 10-day long Cartoon Mela and Workshop held in December 2022 at Jorashanko Thakurbari, Kolkata.

CMF collaborated with Boi- Chitra and organized a film show on March 4 and March 5 2023 at Boi-Chitra auditorium, College Street Coffee House, Kolkata. Selected Awarded Short Films of CMF were screened.

CMF organized an award giving event and exhibition of Awarded artworks of Art Program 23 on April 7 2023 at Boi-Chitra Gallary.