What is ChotaMota?

The ChotaMota Foundation is a community, a forum, a movement but essentially just a collective of friends. It is what you want it to be. It is a space where one is not bound by the expectations of others, but driven by one’s own passion and curiosity.

The ChotaMota Vision

As we grew up, we have been passed on the knowledge of the ‘right way of living’ by our elders. The set routine which we are supposed to ease into is often not so easy for a lot of us. We set out to explore, 004question, rebel and often reject some beliefs that are very ‘obviously’ accepted by the society. And while you might be often chided and dismissed, give yourself some credit. At least you stopped to think.

ChotaMota aims to be a collective of such thinkers. A space where you can express any thought and ask any question. You won’t always get an answer, but definitely a few kindred spirits willing to embark on a quest for the answer, often gathering a lot more questions and genuine opinions. We want you to question more. And more. And more. Because as clichéd as this might sound, there is no right or wrong. It is time we remove the negative connotations from the word ‘weird’.

Be a ChotaMota friend!

ChotaMota is a blank slate right now. And we would like an impression of the inner workings of your not-so-idle mind. You have the freedom to express in any medium of your choice. With fantasies unveiling the ordinary and imaginings confronting the reality, we urge you to think out of the box. Because there is no box. 0051Whether it is art, poetry, prose, videos, songs, narrative etc, any format that can be uploaded on the website is welcome. There will be regular ChotaMota programs, art and more, that you can be a part of. Contributions and ideas, work and opinions outside of the programs is also welcome.

Join us in our quest to question the commonplace. Sign Up to be a Friend of The Foundation. You can share inspiration, discuss your quirky finds, or just find a space to express yourself.



But who are we?

We are friends and family who’ve come together in this humble initiative we felt was imperative. This foundation is set up in the memory of Pounomi Kar, who brought together all of us, and everyone of you reading this, into the process of creating something beautiful. An indescribable part of all our lives, the quirky one has inspired us to reach out to all, and give a helping hand to all the voices waiting to be heard.