“Spark” by Ujan Chattopadhay

Title: Spark
Artist: Ujan Chattopadhay
Award: DreamSpinner Award

Jury’s Comments:

Excellent. An intelligent and dispassionate rendering of a real-life romantic pursuing his passion in poverty. Impressive script, cinematography, editing and music. The title is significant in multiple senses. The ‘spark’ from the turning wheel of the means-of-subsistence equipment. The ‘spark’ of talent of the poor struggling poet (the passion) and the ‘spark’ for penchant for life (the ecstasy).

Totally de-sentimentalised treatment of poverty and struggle is portrayed in a matter-of-fact manner.  With a notable economy of expression through simple yet telling images – the man with the machine, obsolete manual technology, and the protagonist picking up stray papers flying in the open – the film maker captures the fascinating life of an exceptional character.

The superb cinematic skills and captivating style of the filmmaker promise greater rendering of his creativity in the future.

About the Artist:

Ujan is a 16 years old short film maker from Nadia District of West Bengal. He has been working actively in a local theater group since his childhood. He has acted in different productions, directed children’s theatre and composed music for various productions. He has also acted in Bengali films – Box No. 1313, and Aadhunik. While his experience got enriched and expertise improved with participation in various productions in different roles, he kept receiving several awards for his works as an actor and music director in several drama competitions. He was facilitated as a child actor by Nehru Children’s Museum.  He is, as he says, keenly interested in making short films. He has already made several short films – Brishti, Rivolver, Mon Kotha, Sharanang, Nouka, Sada Kalo Lal, Jonmodin, Untitled, and Spark. Short film Sada Kalo Lal was shown at Chhotto Chhobir Sanddhane, a TV Show by Kolkata TV. His short films Nouka and Jonmodin shown at Kolkata International Children Film Festival 2014 and 2015 at Nandan.


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