“Mask” by Pulipati Sandeep

Title: Mask
Artist: Pulipati Sandeep
Award: MasterCrafter Award

Jury’s Comments:

Good idea (“We all wear a mask”), but slightly clunky execution. The film narrates the tragic tale of how dropping of one’s mask can spell disaster on another’s life. The dismaying feeling “we all wear a mask” that overwhelms the protagonist is a commonly dealt with idea. But, the compassion with which the ensuing anguish and despair are portrayed is rather special. Intelligent combination of camera, editing and style of narration. But, excessive use of blue overtone and message is not well conveyed.
About the Artist:

Pulipati is pursuing an Architecture Course in Delhi. He considers himself as an Artist, Graphic Designer, Filmmaker and Photographer. He is the coordinator of IN-MOTION, a film society based in Delhi. Currently, he is busy with pre-production of another film.




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