Katha Warta a cheery causerie

We live in a time when face-to-face chit-chatting rarely occurs. Discussing, debating or just whiling away together in physical presence has been replaced by remotely-connected chatting through Facebook, WhatsApp, and google hangouts.

People now are connected online 24×7 and able to exchange ideas across the globe, but hardly ever see or hear each other directly. Many in today’s virtually-connected world yearn for the warmth of physical closeness. Only face-to-face interactions can meet their needs.

The Chotamota Foundation is holding such a CAUSERIE(Adda) – “Katha Warta” – on 15th September at Mohit Maitra Mancha for the creative minds who long to freely exchange ideas with each other. We believe this Adda is crucial for the participants of Chotamota Art Programs, as these are conducted exclusively on an online portal.

Map showing the venue

On what Katha-Warta?

One by one the awarded art works of 7th & 8th Art Programs will be projected on a screen or read aloud.  

The awardee will then talk about her/ his art work(s) and share the thought behind the creation(s). The awardee will also tell us what they dream about – their fancies and creative ideas.

This will be followed by a discussion of the art work(s) by all those present in the CAUSERIE – eminent jury members, other participants of the art programs, friends of the foundation (FoFs), well-wishers, guests and many more  . . . 

The CAUSERIE  (Adda)  will have all these and much more  . . .

From KATHA – expressed views and counter-views – will emerge the WARTA (message) that, we believe, will inspire us to move forward together on the back of some bold new ideas which are beyond the usual mundane.

The certificates of excellence for AP-8 will also be awarded to the participants on the same day.

Katha-Warta: the excerpts….

We all met at 5:00 pm on 15th September at Mohit Maitra Mancha

Part of the crowd before beginning……

The causerie (adda) commenced a little late, at 0530 PM with Pradyut explaining the rationale behind this interface with artists. This was followed by a brief introduction of the awardees of Art Program 8 and handing over the Certificates of Merit to them by the Principal Trustee. The awardees then presented the ideas that served as the backdrop of their individual creations. They also replied to  queries  posed by the audience.

Pradyut addressing the audience…..

Soumya Kanti Roy’s work depicted end result of environmental depredations, pollution by toxic fumes as also burning of Amazonian forests, indiscriminate tree felling etc. To a question as to why the mother earth is shown in half, he said that the idea was to highlight the extent of the menace .  While in school, Soumya had planted trees on social calls.

Soumyakanti speaking about his Artwork……

Isha Sharma is a member of “Laugha-Laughie” which is a forum for all types of talents. She is much concerned that the younger generation have stopped going to the fields for playing. Her younger brother was busy playing football in video games, PCs despite her mother coaxing him to go out.

Isha in happy mood….

Subhajit Dhibar was moved by the plight of household sparrows that are on the verge of extinction. He had an egalitarian view on education- let all get education , regardless of social status.

Subhajit sharing idea behind his artwork……

Debyoti Bhattacharjee, himself a noted writer, wondered why do  the young people have an inclination to portray social, environmental malaise in their creations. The senior artists, on the other hand, paint rosy and enchanting stories ? Where did the dichotomy lie ?

Debjyoti expressing his views…….

Isha narrated the strange love and hate relation some young people have with mobile phones. Great desire to own one at some point of time but soon lose interest in it when they actually have it. She was giving an account of her own infatuations with the device.

Progya Paul’s work depicts the pathetic aftermath of indiscriminate felling of trees.  Scores of nests destroyed, birds rendered homeless. This work again reflected the younger generation’s attachment to nature and their frustration at its destruction.

Progga with appreciation for her Artwork…..

Lost childhood is only one aspect of Sanjib’s work. To counter the menace of tree felling, he emphasises tree planting and banning of plastic materials.

Udit enthralled the audience with his reactions, bringing to fore the very basic, core values of CMF.  What about new challenges, unconventional and out of the box thinking, he wondered. He urged all to steer clear of the safe zone and wander into uncharted territory.

Vibrant Udit…….

In the era of all pervasive mobile phones and social media, how can the Gods be different ?  Labony Burman’s work presents an imaginary but highly stylized form of conversation between Lord Shiva and the Goddess Durga on more mundane  issues.

Laboni telling us about her artwork…..

Himan Das, through his work, drew attention to the shrinking number of bees and beehives.  There was an urgent need to save flowers and rehabilitate bees from the dangers of mobile towers. Rituparno and Nabin contributed to the debate and both highlighted importance of bees in US and world community at large.

Himan with his appreciation for artwork…

When you are good in drawing cartoons and caricatures, you can occasionally take a dig at your friends and colleagues. After all, they are the ready subjects for your experiments. Sanjay Kamilya , who studies in Govt Art college, played truant this time and made pranks about his friends in cartoons . It was funny and enjoyable.

Sanjay feeling happy being appreciated….

Ishika Chatterjee has a science background.  She used water colour to paint her dreams and  her ruminations over  career.

Ishika feeling glad being appreciated….

Kamil Das’s work is titled ‘ Balance of Argument ‘ . He is in favour of striking the right balance between environment and technology.

Kamil …….

Perhaps to preserve and nurture nature, the first step is to recycle essential garbage. Sanhati Saha reminds us of this in her poster. The infamous Bhagar Kando also comes up in her work.

Sanhati with appreciation for her artwork…..

Sandipan karmakar’s work is a simple depiction of reality, full of fun and reality.

Sandipan feeling happy…..

Digital art consumes less space, commands more circulation, this is what Sanjit Kumar Paul thinks. His work is influenced by the Pulwama incident.

Sanjit sharing his views….

A bridge on the river Meghna  in Bangladesh, on a rain swept day, in muted color and tone. The camera pans a wide area ahead with the road seeming to converge in the hazy distance. This photograph by Gourik Saha drew the attention of all. Shil Bhadra Dutta, one of our juries, expressed his intention to view the whole series captured by Gourik.

Some small incidents bring joy and happiness in life. In Puja Kar’s graphic story, the protagonist is a tad too introvert but enjoys the pitter patter of raindrops to escape the drudgery.

A short documentary on Sukomal Basak, the National Award Winner for an innovative Water Dispenser, was screened by Ananya Adhikary, on behalf of the maker Diganto Dey. The film is aptly named ‘Roadside Scientist’.

In the concluding session of the causerie, Arup Sankar Maitra, a well-known dramatist and a critic, wondered if the concern for environment is over hyped, over emphasized.  He drew attention to the tragic fact that an increasingly large number of deaths occur in the sewerages but the news stays in the black hole.

Rituparno Basu observed that the standards of
comics in general were good. It was heartening to note that lady cartoonists are coming up.

Rituparna commenting about Chotamota foundation’s journey…..

Aloke Kar,  trustee, announced the dates  for the next Art Program 9. He also emphasized the need to activate the now dormant interactive platform ‘ Hoopoe’s Guild”.

Aloke sharing his aspiration about Chotamota Foundation and asking everybody interested to be a part of it……….