Katha Warta a cheery causerie

We live in a time when face-to-face chit-chatting rarely occurs. Discussing, debating or just whiling away together in physical presence has been replaced by remotely-connected chatting through Facebook, WhatsApp, and google hangouts.

People now are connected online 24×7 and able to exchange ideas across the globe, but hardly ever see or hear each other directly. Many in today’s virtually-connected world yearn for the warmth of physical closeness. Only face-to-face interactions can meet their needs.

The Chotamota Foundation is holding such a CAUSERIE(Adda) – “Katha Warta” – on 15th September at Mohit Maitra Mancha for the creative minds who long to freely exchange ideas with each other. We believe this Adda is crucial for the participants of Chotamota Art Programs, as these are conducted exclusively on an online portal.

Map showing the venue

On what Katha-Warta?

One by one the awarded art works of 7th & 8th Art Programs will be projected on a screen or read aloud.  

The awardee will then talk about her/ his art work(s) and share the thought behind the creation(s). The awardee will also tell us what they dream about – their fancies and creative ideas.

This will be followed by a discussion of the art work(s) by all those present in the CAUSERIE – eminent jury members, other participants of the art programs, friends of the foundation (FoFs), well-wishers, guests and many more  . . . 

The CAUSERIE  (Adda)  will have all these and much more  . . .

Excerpts from a documentary film Sandesh 100 by Soumya the Snapper will be screened at the end.

From KATHA – expressed views and counter-views – will emerge the WARTA (message) that, we believe, will inspire us to move forward together on the back of some bold new ideas which are beyond the usual mundane.

The certificates of excellence for AP-8 will also be awarded to the participants on the same day.

Let us all meet at 5:00 pm sharp on 15th September to make KATHA WARTA a success.

We look forward to seeing you all at        5:00 pm        15th  September      

Mohit Maitra Mancha           

Raja Manindra Road, Paikpara

Kolkata –  700 037

                                                          (a 15 mins. walk from Belgachia Metro station)