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AP 28 guidelines
Art Programs of CMF in 2024


ChotaMota Art Programs are for promoting and projecting the following categories of visual arts and creative writings of young creative minds:

Cartoons & caricatures,


Graphic stories (this category includes comic strips and illustrated stories)

Paintings & graphic designs

Creative writng


Short films.


What are ChotaMota Art Programs?

These are not regular art competitions. There are awards but no winners.
Participants submit their art works for a program through the Internet. No attempt is made to rank the art works as ‘first’, ‘second’, etc. ; the awardable art works are graded into four award-categories according to the ‘idea’ expressed and ‘skill’ displayed. View Guidelines for Art Program 23

There are four kinds of awards:

Trailblazer [Rs. 7,000]
Dream Spinner [Rs. 5,000]
Master Crafter [Rs. 3,000]
Budding Weaver
(only for age-group 15-17)
[Rs. 1,000]
Who can take part?

Anybody, from anywhere, as long as you’re in the age group of 15 to 27, can take part! There is no entry fee. You may get an award worth (INR 1000-7000) for your best artwork of free imagination

The ChotaMota Foundation attempts  to create a collection of unique expressive ideas. We hope for nothing more than to create a forum of thinkers, dreamers and creators.

For convenience, we’d prefer the language to be English, Hindi or Bengali.