Start of program: Saturday, 26th March 2016
Last date for receiving entries: Monday, 31st October 2016
Announcement of selected entries: Wednesday, 30st November 2016

How can I submit my artwork?

On-line submission:

  • If the entry you would like to submit is originally developed on an electronic medium, please convert it into a JPEG file. Otherwise, if the original is on a physical medium (like paper and canvass), first scan it or photograph it and then convert the photo or the scanned copy into a JPEG file.
  • For short movie category, upload the video to vimeo, youtube or other video hosting sites and send us the link. Dropbox or Google Drive links will also do.

Submit Artwork


Submission by post or by hand:
If you intend to submit your entry by post or by hand, you should send your FIRST entry along with a duly filled-in registration form. Click here for registration form. The foundation will provide you with a registration number after receiving your first entry. For sending subsequent entries by post or by hand, you should also send a covering letter bearing your registration number and other details. In case you are not able to get copy of the registration form, please contact us.

Download Registration Form

Send the Entries to the following address-
3/6/1 S.M Ali Road
West Bengal