TrailblazerAnkan Karmakar

Sandipan Karmakar

Subhajit Dhibar
DreamspinnerShishir Marathey

Arpan Sadhukhan
MastercrafterDebanjan Mitra
Kunal Naskar
Dipayan Sarkar
Puja Kar
Trinath Majumder
Sanhati Saha

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‘Girls are just a toy’ by Ankan Karmakar using No Catchphrase .

Girls are just a toy

“Idea well conveyed, execution equally good. The bold attempt to unwrap the highly sensitive and tragic side of our social life is laudable all the more because it is devoid of pretensions and subtleties. But then such a delicate issue requires more polish and finesse. We expect the artist to produce more incisive creations in the future, with greater honing of his skills and refinement of his sensitivity. .”-JURY

‘Virtual Reality’ by Sandipan Karmakar using Catchphrase 
‘Hungry walkathon/অভুক্ত “ওয়াকাথন’.

Virtual reality

“Excellent idea and execution too. Very well done. Satire at many levels, that is deep, scathing and very relevant. The artist never ceases to surprise us with his creative experiments unveiling contemporary social paradoxes. With his irresistible urge to explore various expressions of forms and figures, we expect to see many more telling creations from him in the future.”– JURY

‘Panic’ by Subhajit Dhibar using Catchphrase ‘What you can’t see/যারে যায়না দেখা’.


“Excellent idea and excellent execution. This is spot on, Bravo! It is simple, ordinary, yet quite effective a frame… very communicative at that.The reinforcing lines gives good force and kinetic sense in the frame… good work with the composition! Expect the artist to experiment further with his color palate and use more innovative caricaturisation, contrasts and exaggeration, especially of the non-human characters, and deliver extraordinary art works in the future..”-JURY


‘Window’ and ‘Walkathon’ by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrases ‘What you can’t see/যারে যায়না দেখা’ and ‘Hungry walkathon/অভুক্ত “ওয়াকাথন’ respectively.

“Very nice idea, execution is equally good . A subtle and thought provoking piece of work. And highly interpretive too with a deep punchline. Wish there could be more explorations with the execution as it really misses the mark at first glance.”- JURY on WINDOW

“Fantastic idea, executed beautifully. A witty take on the catchphrase which is really appreciated. We urge the artist to consider more contemporary art forms and experiment with them and color palate as well!!”-JURY on WALKATHON

‘Great walk’ by Arpan Sadhukhan using Catchphrase ‘Hungry walkathon/অভুক্ত “ওয়াকাথন’.

Great walk

“Beautiful concept, drawn from epic, executed in a fantastic manner. Great satirical parody in a single frame! Just that the artist needs to give a relook at the speech bubble sequence which is little confusing..”-JURY

Also in, Mastercrafter Award Category

‘KUSH n KAA’ by Arpan Sadhukhan using No Catchphrase .

“Innovative concept and fantastic execution. Since the artist seems to be interested in graphic novels, we encourage him to explore various other graphic novel works and experiment even more with the frame.”- JURY


‘Racism’ by Debanjan Mitra using Catchphrase ‘Every color has a purpose/একেক রঙের একেক গল্প’.


“Nice frame and composition of a simple and effective idea. Idea is appreciated.”-JURY

‘Untitled’ by Kunal Naskar using Catchphrase ‘Every color has a purpose/একেক রঙের একেক গল্প’.


“A brilliant collage-style work, done in a professional way. Excellent in both idea and skill, though a little difficult to connect with the catchphrase.”- JURY

‘Anarchy’ by Dipayan Sarkar using Catchphrase ‘Hungry walkathon/অভুক্ত “ওয়াকাথন’.


“A good effort employing nice caricature skills. A little more direct proximity to the title would have helped much.”- JURY

‘Family’ and ‘My Sky’ by Puja Kar using Catchphrases ‘Together like milk & cookies/একসাথে..যেন দুধে-বিস্কুটে’ and ‘Paint your own sky/নিজেই রাঙাও নিজের আকাশ’ respectively.

“An interesting take at the catchphrase in an evocative and allusive manner. Beautiful idea and nice drawing. The depiction could have been more imaginative..”- JURY on FAMILY

“.Beautiful painting, sweet and charming too. Joyful style of expression of positive intent in adverse conditions. We look forward to many such creations from the artist with freer, boundless and creative expressions! “- JURY on My Sky

‘Lost Kali’ and ‘Real life’ by Trinath Majumder using Catchphrase ‘What you can’t see/যারে যায়না দেখা’

“Great work in terms of composition, depiction and concept. Satire and humor are decent and promises out-of-the-ordinary creations in the future.”- JURY on LOST KALI

“Excellent idea and top-notch execution. The artist’s signature , if done in a little inconspicuous way, would have fitted with the things better. Nevertheless, its very neat, simple yet , sophisticated.”-JURY on REAL LIFE

‘Hunger’ by Sanhati Saha using Catchphrase  ‘Hungry walkathon/অভুক্ত “ওয়াকাথন’. Also, ‘Ashram’ using No Catchphrase.

“Very nice painting and a beautiful concept full of pathos with a nice display of skills.”- JURY on HUNGER

“Decent idea executed in a beautiful way.- it is a nice digital illustration. Decent work promising more in the future.”- JURY on ASHRAM