TRAILBLAZERShishir Marathey

Biswajit Khan
Jit Natta
Kunal Naskar
Pankaj Malasi
Puja Kar
Rafia Mahjabeen
Sandipan Karmakar
Subhajit Dhibar



“Picasso!” by Shishir Marathey


“Excellent thinking and skillful conveying of an idea that questions the very foundations of creative arts. “– JURY

Mastercrafter Award category:

“Not A Thief!” and “In vain!” by Shishir Marathey

“Very good skill. The concept is a little bit blurred though.”-JURY for Not a thief

“Very cute art work illustrating that one cannot fool every one all the time by creating confusion.”-JURY for In vain


“Vote mane e nokul dana” by Avik Debnath

vote mane nokuldana

The artist has the cartoonist’s sensibility of detecting absurdity in the ordinary. Using more imaginative expression, expect the artist to make incisive social commentaries in the future. “– JURY

“Peace” by Biswajit Khan


“Remarkably simple and effectively conveying! The deities in clothes bearing diverse religious identities and, more importantly, without their iconic arms convey the desired message most effectively. An image of friendship and harmony and absence of instruments of war. Would like to see more imaginative works with better application of skills.”– JURY

“মুন্ডু গেলে খাবো কি” by Jit Natta

মুন্ডু গেলে খাবো কি

“Excellent concept and use of imagery. Execution could have been visually better with use of cleaner lines.”– JURY

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them” by Kunal Naskar

If you can’t convince them confuse them

“Excellent work. Most skillfully executed collage creating an image of lassitude with apparently confusing superimposition of images.”-JURY

“Climate Activist Greta Thunberg”, “Enigma” and “Give and Take Policy” by Puja Kar

“The artist has commendable skill. We expect her to produce such artworks with more ingenuity in the future.”– JURY for Climate activist Greta Thunberg

“Good skill. Good use of mythology – fooling adversaries by creating confusion eulogised.”-JURY for Enigma

“Conceptually good work. Answers the catchphrase question “how to survive if the head is gone?” with “earning livelihood by selling one’s mind”. Representation could, however, be better.”– JURY for Give and Take policy

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” by Rafia Mahjabeen

If you can’t convince them confuse them

“Conceptually at per with the catchphrase. Better representation is expected“-JURY

“One warrior desires” by Sandipan Karmakar

One warrior desires…

“Excellent concept. Depicts wishful thinking of a war worn soldier dreaming of replacing gun powder with flowers. Like to see more such creations from the skillful artist, that you are, in the future. A creation that challenge war with dreams of peace in a world ravaged by intolerance.”-JURY

“The egg seller is confusing the buyer” and “Chandril” by Subhajit Dhibar

” Overall good work”-JURY for The egg seller is confusing the buyer

“Artwork is very good. Chandril is a vibrant character. Could be better conceptually.”– JURY for Chandril