TRAILBLAZER  Jithin Kairamkonda
DREAMSPINNER  Comicale Media ( Rutvi Ashar and Archit Thapar)

Syamantak Chattopadhyay

Arshad Ahmed


Sandipan Karmakar

Shishir Marathey

Sanjay Kamilya

Abhiram Reddy Mallidi

Souvik Nandi

Ishika Chatterjee

Rupak Ghosh

Arpan  Sadhukhan

Kunal Naskar

Jithin Kairamkonda

Prem Kumar Tunuri

Soumyadeep Roy

Arpan Bhattacharyya



Trailblazer Award

Empty Chairs by  Jithin Kairamkonda

Wonderful mix of wit and narrative. The singular frames are stand alone visual puns but when put together it multiplies the environmental humor. Simplicity is the key here, yet the way of demonstrating the uncommon traits is rather subtle. Comic strips can easily become convoluted. The artist clearly understands the importance of brevity. Exciting future for a visual storyteller.- Jury


Theories  by  Jithin Kairamkonda

(Mastercrafter Award Category)

Smart and incisive juxtaposition of science and humor. Investigates the origin of scientific discoveries through the delivery of personal strife. Artist understands the importance of each frame. The short vignettes are neatly compressed for maximum effect.Very subtle humor with a touch of lighthearted philosophy. Intelligent use of limited drawing skills.- Jury




Untitled  by Comicale Media ( Rutvi Ashar and Archit Thapar)

An altogether different mode of expression in a comic strip, with non-human elements displaying pressure, relief and happiness with their looks.The style matches the subject well. Improvement in drawing skills is what we would be looking for now-Jury


Sunil Ganguly  Syamantak Chattopadhyay

More than a caricature – perhaps a biography compressed into a single visual image. What’s impressive about this piece above others is that it intends to unravel the fabric of the personality associated with it. Somber, mournful and stoic as you sit on your own pile of accomplishments. Captures the author in a serene mood admirably well. Very good combination of color and ink lines- Jury


Syria in dinner plate by Arshad Ahmed

A brilliant job. Political truth distilled into a single graphic frame. The audacious nature of the champions of freedom as they dine on it. Image is instantly recognizable and message is equally compelling- Jury




Untitled by Soham Dutta

Skillful articulation of a mood and attitude. The physical humor of the bike’s warped tires is a great touch! Appropriate balance – good line drawing. Incompatable abilities and aspirations gives a subtle touch of humor to the portrayal.- Jury


Chikitsa Bivrat   by Sandipan Karmakar

Excellent skill. Like to see the artist do comic strips with better stories – more imaginative or on life of the 21st Century- Jury


Halloween  by Shishir Marathey

Imaginative work. Planting the real-life craving for ‘being different’ on a not-so-real creature creates an exquisite humor. With improvement in drawing skills the artist will certainly present us with incisive commentary on “human” acts in the future- Jury


Robot I want to make one day  by Sanjay Kamilya

Very well-composed portrayal of a robot the artist wants to build one day, balancing itself and its gadgets with precarious precision. Good work. We need to see more.- Jury


Take me and  The Hope by Abhiram Reddy Mallidi

Good idea. We, however, expect to see more maturity and improvisations in handling such ideas- Jury


Good idea. We, however,expect to see more maturity in handling such ideas- Jury


Untitled Caricatures by Souvik Nandi

Competently drawn caricatures with clear lines and shades. Characters are shaped with loving care and with an implicit touch of humor- Jury




 self caricature by Ishika Chatterjee

An imaginative self caricature. Displays very good drawing skills. Keep up the good work.- Jury


Dutta  and  Mampi’r putul by  Rupak Ghosh

Excellent graphic representation of a celebrity. Very skillful portrayal of a well known singer in his characteristic posture. The colors make the subject pop and also signify the entertainment. Use of loud vibrant colors is eye catching yet pleasing. This could very well be on a magazine cover.- Jury


A very good attempt. A disturbing nano story very well narrated in a few well-sequenced frames, with a sinister twist at the end. Skillful application of lines and shades describes the situations so well that textual annotations in most of the frames seem unnecessary. Artist definitely understands how to bring a story to a more professional execution ideal for publication- Jury



The line work is good and has editorial quality. Good going.- Jury


Caricature  by  Kunal Naskar

Fun and distinctive – this image has the life and attitude of the celebrity herself. Truly captures the singer in her characteristic cheerful mood. Very good use of water color- Jury


A flight to paradise by Prem Kumar Tunuri

A dry irony simply narrated with well-sequenced frames. Very good line drawings, in spite of unnecessary shadings in some places. Would perhaps been smarter without the fifth frame.- Jury


Bharat mata ki jai,  She liked to doze off on her baba’s shoulders in the middle of the fair every winter and  Woody  by   Soumyadeep Roy

Very editorial in its visual shorthand. The logic being verbalized is very indicative of the superstitious confusion in a society where animals are deified- Jury


Some great beginnings here – we can see the artist using this piece to catapult future works into abstract minimalism. A beautiful and tender moment illustrated in Kandinsky equations. Use of too few motifs perhaps leaves the story a bit incomplete. Displays very good drawing skills.- Jury

Excellently captures the film maker in his characteristic disinterested mood and grim expression. Very good skill displayed in use of so few lines- Jury


Untitled  by Arpan Bhattacharyya

Depicts a well-recognized but not-much-talked-about phenomenon. What the artist wants to say is not easy to express in a single frame. Yet, he has given it a visual shape in an exquisitely simple way. Like to see the artist explore deeper the characteristic style of his and produce incisive social commentary in the future.- Jury





Caricature  by Sinchan Biswas

Skillfully captured physical and characteristic features of a well-known personality. Wish to see the artist making bolder attempts in the future- Jury