Trailblazer Award

Puja Kar

Rajarshi Sarkar

Sankar Ghosh

Wreek Kundu

Dreamspinner Award Subhasis Das
Mastercrafter Award

Arpan Sadhukhan

Joyee Chakraborty

Sagarika Pattanayak

Sayan Mal

Sovandeb Mandal

Subhrajyoti Ghosh

Budding Weaver Award None

Trailblazer Award

“Fantasy” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “Impossible loop/অসম্ভবের চক্করে”.



Mature concept, nice artwork, excellent skill employed in portraying the dilemma that we find ouselves in this age of social media.JURY

Mastercrafter Award Winning Entry :

“Antiques” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “Curio shop/কিউরিও শপ”.



Beautifully executed, skill very good and sense of color combination is excellent. Inspired by Manga style of art.- JURY

“Problem” by Rajarshi Sarkar using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.



Depicts the issue of global warming with a hint of humour. Well executed with a nice skill. Clever wordplay conveying an important message.-JURY

“The Power Of Friendship” by Sankar Ghosh using No Catchphrase and “Tolerance” by him using Catchphrase “The place in between/মধ্যিখানে চর” respectively.

A simple and yet very expressive anti war cartoon, poignantly conveying an universal message. Powerful concept with an excellent skill.- JURY on Power of friendship.

Beautifully thought anti war cartoon. Well executed as well. Both skill and concept are excellent.JURY on Tolerance

When lemon is a bit over budget “ by Wreek Kundu using Catchphrase” Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে.”


When lemon is a bit over budget

A simple and funny concept used in depicting situations which we face in everyday life. Skill is very good. Use of colors is perfect.JURY.


Dreamspinner Award

“Fight” by Subhasis Das using Catchphrase “Impossible loop/অসম্ভবের চক্করে.


Good concept and equally good skill level. Intelligent and humorous treatment…for those who fought against the battle of corona.-JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Can’t you!” by Arpan Sadhukhan using Catchphrase “The past in the present /ভূতের বর্তমান.”


Can’t you!

A good effort in portraying current crisis. Skill and concept are okay.JURY

Mobness” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase “The place in between/মধ্যিখানে চর.


A balanced and funny concept…portrays the current situation in public transportJURY

“Frida love” by Sagarika Pattanayak using No Catchphrase.

Frida love

Amazing mixed media art where clay modelling is done with final touches given digitally.-JURY

“Immortal” by Sayan Mal using No Catchphrase.


A nice tribute to the original characters of a famous comic.JURY

“The flower” by Sovandeb Mandal using Catchphrase “The past in the present /ভূতের বর্তমান.”


The flower

Past, present and future and their eternal connection portrayed through a simple flower. Concept is unique and skill is very good.-JURY.

“I Am Don” by Subhrajyoti Ghosh using Catchphrase “First birthday of Kolkata/কোলকাতার প্রথম জন্মদিন.”


I Am Don

Decent both concept and skill wise. A story well imagined.. could have been structured and executed better .-JURY