Trailblazer AwardOindrila Das
Bapan Singh
Debolina Dutta
Ayesha Sultana Pramanik
Dreamspinner AwardBinoy Jana
Mastercrafter AwardAnushka Goswami
Subarsa Chakraborty
Susovon Adak
Eva Prakash
Meghna Naskar
Soumik Saha
Anusuya Sen
Mili Mandal
Mayuri Bachar
Bidhi Shaw
Sayan Banerjee
Budding Weaver Award( For those of age below 17 yrs and First timers only)Rounak Chowdhury
Tithi Gain
Mainak Dutta
Subir Ghosh

Trailblazer Award

“The untold” by Oindrila Das using Catchphrase “Wanderers’ Nest / ভবঘুরের ঘর”.

The untold

“Brilliant work both in terms of idea and skill. The smile the joker is painting over his sad face portrays our effort to keep showing up to stay afloat, that too with a smile.”JURY.

“Education 24” by Bapan Singh using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ”.

Education 24

“Using the slate is a novel idea. Collages are also eye catching. Done in mixed media with a complex theme as depicting a minister sitting for an exam with an open book at his side is absolutely amazing. Shows the current state of affairs in education.”JURY.

“Wednesday” by Debolina Dutta using No Catchphrase.


“Brilliant job. The character Wednesday Addams from the “Addams Family” can very well be recognised and with Things at her side she can tackle anything. Beautifully done.”JURY.

“Suspicion” by Ayesha Sultana Pramanik using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ”.


“Very interesting piece portraying the current state of education. Great idea and execution”JURY.

Dreamspinner Award

“ভবঘুরের ঘর” by Binoy Jana using Catchphrase “

ভবঘুরের ঘর

“Beautiful concept which has been portrayed in a very symbolic manner with such simplicity is commendable.” JURY.

Mastercrafter Award

” Hope” by Anushka Goswami using Catchphrase “Reveries of the sleepless / রাত-জাগাদের স্বপ্ন”.


“Idea is good. ‘HOPE’ depicted in such a novel way.. Here Hope is portrayed from the point of view of patients and the doctors .Beautifully thought.”JURY.

“যাপন চিত্র” by Subarsa Chakraborty using No Catchphrase .

যাপন চিত্র

“Both idea and skill equally praiseworthy. , The harsh contrasts of Kolkata has been showcased very simply. Stern reality of a well decorated city depicted here stands loud and clear.”– JURY.

“Bond” by Susovon Adak using No Catchphrase.


“Loved the animated way depression has been portrayed. This feels like a beautiful concept sketch for the story.”JURY.

“Popsi” by Eva Prakash using Catchphrase “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব.”


“It’s always beautiful to see memories when captured with such simplicity.. A lot expressed in a simply drawn picture.”JURY.

“Nocturnal” by Meghna Naskar using Catchphrase “Reveries of the sleepless / রাত-জাগাদের স্বপ্ন.”.


” Very nice attempt to capture that inner strive that keeps young minds awake. Ambition and inner strive is something that’s very much troubling the minds of the youth in this day and age.”JURY.

“Ustad” by Soumik Saha using No Catchphrase.




“Very nice efforts to capture the essence of Late Ustad Rashid Khan.”JURY.

“Expression” by Anusuya Sen using No Catchphrase.


“Trying to capture various faces and their expressions using marbling paper is quite innovative.” JURY.

“বোঝা” by Mili Mandal using Catchphrase “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব.”


“Beautiful symbolic portrayal of the pressure to excel and to succeed creates this huge burden upon the youth. Good execution but thought could be positive.”JURY.

“Oiling” by Mayuri Bachar using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ”.


“Reality depicted in oblique way. A symbolic representation of the current times showcasing the corruption that has taken over the education and the corporate world.” JURY.

“Fantasy” by Bidhi Shaw using Catchphrase “Reveries of the sleepless / রাত-জাগাদের স্বপ্ন.”


“This scene from an a popular show which fits the catchphrase nicely have been recreated digitally. Would have loved to see original concepts.”JURY.

“বানুষ” by Sayan Banerjee using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ.”


“Very interesting to see such a unique thought expressed with beautiful brush strokes and texture.”JURY.

Budding Weaver Award(For first timers and those below 17 yrs of age only)

“Rupam Islam” by Rounak Chowdhury using No Catchphrase.

Rupam Islam

“Exaggerations nicely done. Rupam ialam is well recognisable. Would encourage to exaggerate even more.”JURY.

“Memory” by Tithi Gain using Catchphrase “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব”.


“Nice effort. Childhood memories well captured.”JURY.

“Wall art” by Mainak Dutta using Catchphrase “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব.”

Wall art

“Good attempt to capture childhood memories like siblings doing silly little things for fun.”JURY.

“Manojder Adbhut Bari” by Subir Ghosh using No Catchphrase.

Manojder Adbhut bari

“Good illustration…creating various characters in the story and then combining them in to a book cover. Nicely done.”JURY.