Trailblazer Award Shuvra Biswas
Dreamspinner Award

Dipayan Sarkar

Kunal Naskar

Mastercrafter Award

Dipshikha Biswas

Joyee Chakraborty

Laboni Barman

Priti Roy

Puja Kar

Rajarshi Sarkar

Ritwika Ganguly

Sagarika Pattanayak

Sayak Ghosal

Sayan Mal

Shishir Marathey

Smarak Roy

Subhajit Dhibar


Budding Weaver Award( For age gr 15-17 yrs only) None


Trailblazer Award

“Dark truth” by Shuvra Biswas using Catchphrase “Life unmasked/বে-আব্রু জীবন”

Dark Truth

” Absolutely well done artwork that touches upon a very important theme. It reflects not only the catch-phrase but also the grim reality. Farmers put laborious work into producing food with little or no benefit to themselves. The artist has used items that are identifiably “city-food” which makes the contrast even more stark. Commendable skill – composition, colour, light and form are all excellently done.”-JURY

Dreamspinner Award

An Untitled Artwork by Dipayan Sarkar using Catchphrase “On-line class/অন-লাইন ক্লাস”


” Absolutely brilliant artwork. The juxtaposition of Covid-19 pandemic and a scene from the epic Ramayana is fascinating. Graphic lines are impressive. Very humorous and interesting take on on line classes.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Award Category

Another Untitled Artwork using Catchphrase ‘Even miracles take time/অঘটন -ও কি হঠাৎ ঘটে?” and “Popularity” using Catchphrase “Messiah complex/হাবে- ভাবে অবতার” by Dipayan Sarkar. 


” Nice artwork with a funny title but the issue depicted is very crucial. Minimal usage of color is good. Simultaneous use of ‘thought’ as well as ‘speech’ bubble could have been avoided”- JURY for UNTITLED

” The artist’s approach of combining elements in ways that allow the viewer to come up with multiple interpretations, together with his excellent skills and precision, is really commendable.”- JURY for POPULARITY

An Untitled Artwork using Catchphrase “Messiah complex/হাবে- ভাবে অবতার” by Kunal Naskar



“Excellent artwork, innovative idea with exceptionally good skill. The overlay of text, forms, shapes, the creatively and skillfully done characters-everything works perfectly. Above all, the artwork seems to come out of emotions. “-JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Tedious” by Dipshikha Biswas using Catchphrase “On-line class/অন-লাইন ক্লাস “



” Nice portrayal of the catchphrase. The artist seems to be adept in using colour. However graphic lines and perspective control still have room for improvement. The artist is advised to explore the digital medium more. The background seems to be done with a image-based texture and might have benefitted from the use of hand rendering like the rest of the image.”- JURY

“Jom sova/ Meeting at Yamraja’s Place” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase “Even miracles take time/অঘটন -ও কি হঠাৎ ঘটে?”


Jom sova/ Meeting at Yamraja’s Place

“Excellent skills, idea is a little intriguing. The artist has promising caricature skills. Makes good use of colors. Controlled use of composition and number of elements can greatly enhance the artwork.”- JURY

“উত্তরণ/ Ascension” by Laboni Barman using Catchphrase “Re-invent yourself/নিজেরে হারায়ে খুঁজি”.


উত্তরণ/ Ascension

” Excellent Collage. The way in which the artist has described his/her idea is fascinating. It is very clever of the artist to use materials, colours and textures that we are so familiar with these days. The artist may be encouraged to experiment with different compositions and try creating larger, more detailed artworks with the collage medium.”- JURY

“Good Night” by Priti Roy using Catchphrase “On-line class/অন-লাইন ক্লাস”




” Well crafted artwork. Commendable palette choice and colour blending. The theme /catchphrase have been nicely presented by the artist in a stylized form. The screaming teacher popping out of the enlarged phone is an accurate representation of how online classes have taken over the days of students. “- JURY

“Expedition” and “Rejuvenate” by Puja Kar using Catchphrases “Messiah complex/হাবে- ভাবে অবতার ” and “Re-invent yourself/নিজেরে হারায়ে খুঁজি ” respectively. Also, “Jumbled” using No Catchphrase by her.


“The artist’s style bears resemblance to the stylized drawings of Djamila Knopf. Indeed a commendable job and the painting do reflect the transcendence embedded in the catchphrase. Very good in terms of both skill and concept. Observing and drawing what one sees around could be an excellent way to take the ideas further..”-JURY for REJUVENATE

“The artist has successfully assimilated the style of Manga Comics with his/her own contribution. The artist has picked up some extremely valuable artistic skills. May be encouraged to explore stories, themes and motifs that are observable in the world around them.”- JURY for EXPEDITION

” The artist seems to have picked up a lot of skills from various outside sources. Choice of colour and rendering styles feel very contemporary and attractive. The representation of the caption could not be more apt Try to experiment with the landscapes, objects, people around you, representing them in creative and original ways.”- JURY for JUMBLED

” Political Ravana” by Rajarshi Sarkar using No Catchphrase.


Political Ravana

“Very intelligent concept. But the execution needs improvement, especially the graphic lines. The carrot and stick measures used by political parties for their own benefit is communicated well.”- JURY

“Mirror” by Ritwika Ganguly using No Catchphrase.



” Very skillful execution of an interesting idea. Minimal colour application has added a new dimension here. . The skills shown in the linework, expression and figure drawing show great promise. We look forward to more work from you in different stages of development.”- JURY

“Vincent’s” by Sagarika Pattanayak using No Catchphrase.




” A clay medium interpretation of a popular meme. Humourous and skilled clay caricature. The artist seems to have used a replica of Van Gogh’s Starry night which adds a lot to the image but could perhaps be interpreted in other original ways by the artist.”- JURY

“Idol” and “Darkness”  by Sayak Ghosal using Catchphrases “Messiah complex/হাবে- ভাবে অবতার” & “Re-invent yourself/নিজেরে হারায়ে খুঁজি” respectively.


” The artist has done a laudable job in presenting a very good concept using excellent skills. Use of familiar objects and characters lends a warmth to the artwork.”- JURY for IDOL

” Unique schematic presentation. The colour scheme is bright but the typeface is somewhat losing its visibility. Framing positions can be improved. Wonderfully woven myths, legends and fantasy. Unconventional but interesting use of textures and panel layout.”- JURY for Darkness

“Go Away” by Sayan Mal using Catchphrase “Messiah complex/হাবে- ভাবে অবতার”.


Go Away

” Worthy representation of the catchphrase. The portrayal of sanitizer in this artwork is indeed laudable. Nice graphic lines and colour usage. Very humourous personification of objects. Extremely skillful caricature and rendering.”- JURY

“The game” and “I’m sorry” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrases “Even miracles take time/অঘটন -ও কি হঠাৎ ঘটে?” & “On-line class/অন-লাইন ক্লাস” respectively.


‘ Indeed a brave and contemplative attempt. Very humorous take on the idea of our universe being a simulation. The introduction of Ganesha as being one of the people who is playing the game is also a creative twist. Unique interpretation of the catchphrase. The idea is clearly communicated with competent skill.”-JURY for THE GAME

” An exemplary work showcasing a narrative that has become part and parcel of the new-normal scenario. Brief, yet perfect execution. Concept is fun. Skill-wise decent. Nice to draw from the the events happening in our life.”- JURY for I’M SORRY.

An Untitled Artwork by Smarak Roy using Catchphrase “Re-invent yourself/নিজেরে হারায়ে খুঁজি “




” An outstanding piece of artwork. The stylized caricatures are indeed praiseworthy along with the anecdotic space management. Wonderfully demonstrated skill – nice linework and use of forms to create the characters. Very engaging composition and amazingly done characters. The crowding of the frame with all the activities shows an intensity of activity towards self-improvement.”- JURY

“হচ্ছেটা কী/ What’s up?” by Subhajit Dhibar using Catchphrase “On-line class/অন-লাইন ক্লাস “.


হচ্ছেটা কী/ What’s up?

” Well crafted graphic novel. The framing, space management and illustrations are commendable. The idea is very clear, inventive and well communicated. Great skill in showing all the different characters and personalities that are in a classroom. Excellent character sketches, line work, composition, rendering. “- JURY