Trailblazer AwardJoyee Chakrabarty
Nishita Golder
Sayan Mal
Subhrajyoti Ghosh
Dreamspinner AwardPuja Kar
Rajarshi Sarkar
Mastercrafter AwardArijit Jana
Meghna Naska
Tania Das
Soumitra Ghosh
Budding Weaver Award( For 15-17 yrs old and Newcomers)None

Trailblazer Award

” Disagree” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase ” A map to get lost/ পথ হারাবার নক্সা”


“An excellent satire on ‘leaders’ of the country. An interesting interpretation of the Catchphrase that reflects the artist’s view of contemporary society. Emphasis on the Journey rather than the Destination has enhanced the beauty of the work. The composition is fascinating with a host of engaging characters. The beautiful style of illustration appears to be inspired by the legendary Mario Miranda but with the young artist’s personal touch and added dialogues. However, the work needs optimum use of more vibrant colours while clouds in the background are redundant. The text in the blurbs is almost illegible.”JURY

ঘ্যচাং ফু/ Gachang fu” by Nishita Golder using Catchphrase ” Catch 22/ জলে কুমির ডাঙ্গায় বাঘ”

ঘ্যচাং ফু

“A beautiful symbolic portrayal of the Catchphrase bringing in a secondary perspective with the paper and the scissors. A fascinating creation made with surreal imagery and a humourous use of the Catchphrase. It shows an extreme situation where a flight of fancy is about to be torn to pieces under hopelessly adverse conditions. The artist has a promising future.”JURY

The Star” by Sayan Mal using No Catchphrase.

The Star

” A beautiful caricature in ink — nicely exaggerated and recognizable. The choice of an uncharacteristic expression of the actor has an element of novelty that reminds one of his versatility as a performer. The use of bold and rough brush strokes for the black and white portrayal speaks highly of the caricaturist’s skills and abilities. Full figure drawing should also be attempted. The artist holds great promise for the future.”- JURY

“Dilemma” by  Subhrajyoti Ghosh using Catchphrase “Catch 22/ জলে কুমির ডাঙ্গায় বাঘ”.



“Lovely depiction of fond memories of mischievous nocturnal adventures of the artist teaming up with a sibling and a grandparent. Nostalgia beautifully captured. A carefully composed picture of an occasional crisis situation. Good skill in use of colour. However, blue colour , rather than extreme black, may better be used to depict darkness; otherwise, the tone of the work becomes too hard.”JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Dream Ride” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “A map to get lost/ পথ হারাবার নক্সা”

Dream Ride

“This art work inspires one to dream and keep exploring the magical world allowing the viewer to peep into the artist’s very own world of imagination. The girl’s unreal ride through an unreal (fairy tale) world of imagination has come out very well. Introduction of an angel and a cat into the frame is interesting. Smart drawing, Dramatic use of colour. However, a little more thinking and attention about shapes, sizes and colour would make the portrayal more effective.”JURY

Mastercrafter Award Winning entry”

“Rejuvenate” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “The boundaries of nothingness/ শূন্যতার সীমান্ত”


“Very smart thinking. Simple and smart approach. Extremely skilful execution. A beautiful thought expressed beautifully through a simple yet beautiful expression. The text, too, is full of positive vibes. The artist’s vision of a rejuvenating self finds expression in this work. Commendable use of the motif of a bird in flight representing yearning for freedom. The art work displays skilful use of the digital medium. But the too much pleasing images do not quite reflect the characteristics of a cartoon or caricature. Rising above the Influence of Japanese Manga painting, which is pretty evident, the artist must find her/ his own expression and style.”JURY

“Tyranny” by Rajarshi Sarkar using Catchphrase “Catch 22/ জলে কুমির ডাঙ্গায় বাঘ.”


“Very nice concept. Commendable selection of a slice of contemporary social reality. The imagery and the caption are appropriate and are neatly placed in the art work. The artist’s view on partisan politics and democracy is far from commonplace and the visuals employed for conveying the same are also unconventional. But execution needs to be more impacting and use of vector images is to be appropriate.”JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Breath” by Arijit Jana using Catchphrase “Smell of gunpowder in the air / বাতাসে বারুদ গন্ধ”


“The artist displays commendable potential of visual expression of an idea ( extracted from the given catchphrase ) though the facial expression is not quite in line. The art work shows great drawing skill in portraying symbolically the current situation and the associated emotion. Addition of the climate threat dimension in the bubble would have enriched the art piece; and, there is weakness of composition.”JURY

“Despair” by Meghna Naskar using Catchphrase “Crumpled thoughts / ভাঙ্গাচোরা ভাবনা”


“Very good idea of capturing the despair of future job-seekers resulting from present day events in two different frames — one depicting dreams, another dejection. The art work displays fairly well drawing skill and use of colour, especially that of the background.”JURY

“Mahalaya” by Soumitra Ghosh using No Catchphrase.


“A beautiful illustration in black and white much like the woodcut illustrations of the old an day childhood memories. Nice, simple recreation of a religious occasion of old times. Fairly well artistic skills. Proficient use of digital software. The idea is also pretty good, but not really something new.”JURY

“Nale Jhole” by Tania Das using No Catchphrase.

Nale Jhole

“A beautiful water colour illustration capturing festivity of food lovers. Vibrant colours reflecting the artist’s confidence. Artistic skills pretty good but need improvement, particularly regarding composition.”JURY