TRAILBLAZER  Soumyadeep Roy
DREAMSPINNER  Sandipan Karmakar

Arshad Ahmed

Souvick Bhadra

Trinath Majumder

Arnab Nag

Syamantak Chattopadhyay

Jithin Kairamkonda

Premkumar Tunuri

Arpan Sadhukhan



Trailblazer Award

Be Yourself by Soumyadeep Roy
Beautifully captures the illusions created by the commercial contemporary world. A very good work. We would like to see more-Jury

Communist’s Cola by Soumyadeep Roy

[ Mastercrafter Award Category]

Brilliantly portrays the supposed duplicity deceitfulness in the lives of state and political bigwigs. The idea obliquely touches current state of affairs too. Execution of this idea is done commendably-Jury

Uniforms Are Never Uniform by Soumyadeep Roy

[Mastercrafter Award Category]

A very good piece with subtle humour. Improvement in execution will add verve-Jury


Chorer Kirti by Sandipan Karmakar
A good content that comes along with a matching style of execution. A simple story, perhaps a bit lengthy, but on the whole amusing –Jury



Home by Aparna Konat
Selection of ideas and execution has unmistakable trappings of a very good piece. We would appreciate more such good work.-Jury

Death of Books by Arshad Ahmed

A near flawless execution of a strong contemporary issue. Could have attempted  use of appropriate human faces instead of just the logos-Jury


Rajnikant by Souvick Bhadra

Captures a perfect mood of the actor. But execution part falls short of perfection leaving room for improvement-Jury

Parliament by Trinath Majumder

A brilliant idea that eventually fails to deliver a concrete message. Graphics is good-Jury

A daily Journey by Metro by Arnab Nag

A rather nice observation evoking good humour. More attention at execution needed-Jury

Bhanu Bandopadhyay by Syamantak Chattopadhyay

Captures the characteristic mood of the actor perfectly. But, too realistic to be called a caricature.Jury

True Love by Jithin Kairamkonda

An intelligent application of lines and shades, quite amusing-Jury

The Top Architecture College by Premkumar Tunuri

What a good content can do even with not so perfect drawing illustrated here – Jury

Jai Sree Ram by Arpan Sadhukhan

Great idea  in presenting  contemporary issues  but execution part falls short of the same degree of innovativeness. Use of digital medium requires more skill. Controversial issues better be avoided-Jury


Three Damsels by Anindita Das

Excellent execution with scope of refinement of skills that comes with practice-Jury