Trailblazer  Award None
Dreamspinner Award Sreya Sarkar
Mastercrafter Award

Nandini Saha

Sankar Ghosh

Santanu Shaw

Shreoshi Neogi

Subhrajyoti Ghosh

Budding Weaver Award (only for 15-17 yrs. old and First timers) Joyee Chakraborty

Dreamspinner Award

Embrace and Hope by Sreya Sarkar using Catchphrases In quest of Rainbow / চলো রংধনু খুঁজে আনি and Is hope scary?/ আশায় কি শঙ্কা ? respectively.


” Most impressive! Very nostalgic and so true. We are sure each one of us would relate these feelings with our own. Beautifully portrayed characters which seems to be so familiar. The concept has been presented superbly. Choice of words , expressions, images , figure of speech etc. in this article takes us to a nostalgic world where we forget to enjoy the present moment and develop the habit of postponing our happiness. Some very interesting visuals presented in this piece, which are the most important element of it: the video games, the dancing, the childish joy we all inhabit. It could have been more interesting to add more imagery to the piece and perhaps let that speak directly to the prompt. All in all, very effective and wonderful! Keep up the spirit! Good luck!”JURY.


” A simple write up yet intriguing. An incredibly rich and detailed piece that shows the city’s hope through the challenges and triumphs of its many people. The character of the girl is quite fascinating, so are the couple and the foreigners in a que. Very interestingly done in terms of form as well, as the first few lines open the reader up to a more intense series of images. The expressions, vocabulary and images are well defined. The power of hope in times of distress and despondency is clearly reflected . Very good work.”- JURY.

Mastercrafter Award

An Untitled write up by Nandini Saha using No Catchphrase and also Journey using Catchphrase Is hope scary?/ আশায় কি শঙ্কা ?


“Great work! A very moving poem on a very important and sensitive topic – it is especially powerful because of its directness in presenting the different aspects of the struggle of the person described. This poem is an attempt to define the seemingly familiar concept of a woman’s unseen agony and emotions. Therony, ‘freedom’ establishes some constrains on this well defined subject by suggesting that feelings are distinguished by various bodily or mental sensations. The satirical ending is very strong and the poem could have been enhanced with a little more detail and a little more emphasis on how the line breaks are chosen, where the verse begins, and so on. It is a good piece but there is always a scope of improvement. The emotions underlying the composition are indeed appreciable, but in terms of uniqueness, the author could have explored more in the realm of imagination to, not just speak about our hurdles, but to how emerge victorious.”JURY.


“This poem refers to how different shades of ‘Hope’ perches in the soul of different people. It very clearly states that in times of distress and dejection hope is what keeps us afloat. Many differences highlighted in this poem that show how different people approach the same questions and life situations in different ways. Very interesting, and could have brought out more if the poem more closely responded to the prompt: what place does hope take in this? is either of the options the more “scary” one? why or why not? Interesting piece, well done! Narrative needs to align a bit towards the catchphrase .
We appreciate the expressions and the appropriate use of poetic devices. The question at the end gives us an essence of impermanence as well as a hope towards a new tomorrow. Hope to see more such creative work in the future.”

A Necklace by Sankar Ghosh using Catchphrase What wars beget us? / যুদ্ধ করে করবি কী তা বল?

A Necklace

” Good job! Very interesting idea to show how different people’s lives can be divided by a border/nationality/geography, even if they have the same name! The poem propagates how trials and tribulations of war brings suffering and human despair. Beautifully portrayed. The evolution of the story from a joyous situation to a melancholic climax is discerning. The concept is well defined. The story could have been made more impactful by them different last names to show that they come from different areas. Could even added sub headers to the story. Keep up your good work!”JURY.

Two Untitled write ups by Santanu Shaw using Catchphrase Is hope scary?/ আশায় কি শঙ্কা ? and No Catchphrase.


” A very painful and moving poem that reflects the despair of a missing loved one and the hope of a better future. Although the poem begins with a melancholy tone , it ends with a positive note. The choice of words establishes the fact that resilience is the element that helps us achieve our dreams and overcome our fears and distress. We would encourage the writer to experiment with the form a little more – introduce a few poetic elements (similes, metaphors) and play with the rhyme scheme (or remove the rhyme scheme completely and see what happens). “My world turned ashtray” is a very interesting image that can be built on a little further. Well done!”JURY.


” An interesting and metaphorical depiction of inconspicuousness of human beings in this world. The poem very effectively matches your description: it speaks of the uncertainty of being human, which is both beautiful and disturbing at once. “A symphony of every word spoken to me / beginning with my mother’s” is an interesting breaking point in the poem, which leads me to ask: why mother and not any parent? why parent at all and not a friend, companion, and so on? What significance do our beginnings have on our endings? On the whole, a strong reflective piece that represents a fundamental human feeling. The poetic devices adds to the charms of consonant language and images drawn from the natural world. Well done! We praise the thought that evoked this narration and appreciate the effort.”JURY.

Deep Down by Shreoshi Neogi using No Catchphrase


Deep Down

” A simple little poetry in blank verse that strikes the ingenuous chord of a folk rendering. It is a synthesis of a familiar idea of the Bauls of Bengal and a native form of English poetry. The somewhat illusive concept of ‘unknown inner self’ is built up from simple human senses in a simple balladlike rhythm. A commendable experiment. Keep it up.” JURY. 

Excruciating  by Subhrajyoti Ghosh using Catchphrase Childhood sans toy knows little joy/খেলনারা কই সব? বেরঙিন শৈশব.



” A very beautiful piece that pays homage to the author’s grandfather, and also reflects on the nature of memory and the importance of cherishing small moments. The idea of this article is interesting and emotional too. Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments. The narrative style of this piece is very effective in giveing a glimpse into the speaker’s past and present as well as a hint of the future, which is invariably influenced by both. The language should have been more accurate, avoiding grammatical errors and complicated words. The effort is highly appreciated. Good luck!”JURY.

Budding Weaver Award

Creator by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase Who’s taller – poet or poetry? /কে বেশী মহান কবি না কবিতা?


” A very intriguing reflection on creation/creator, oppression/rebellion with interesting parallels drawn between abstract ideas and concrete events. The idea of the write up is interesting, so are the comparisons. The piece could benefit from some further negotiation and perhaps the introduction of an alternating perspective. If it is the words that impacted people then aren’t the words more powerful than the speaker? Overlooking few grammatical errors, the thoughtful inclusion of the writers and poets during the British Rule provides impetus to the topic. A good start and a concrete opinion of the narrative provokes one to think, if a creative narrator must take a side or leave the readers in their own thoughts. Overall a good try but in my opinion, the thoughts needs more clarity. Well done!.”- JURY.