Trailblazer AwardPooja Motwani
Rounak Abid
Sreya Sarkar
Dreamspinner AwardNone
Mastercrafter AwardAnusuya Sen
Joyee Chakraborty
Mainak Dutta
Nandini Saha
Rakshita Tiwary
Santanu Kumar Shaw
Shreoshi Neog
Budding Weaver Award (only for 15-17 yrs and Newcomers)Subhrajyoti Ghosh

Trailblazer Award

“May’s question” by Pooja Motwani using Catchphrase “So hard to stay afloat /প্রাণ বাঁচাতেই প্রাণান্ত”.

May’s question
May’s question(concluding part)

“Incredible poem depicting grief through the seasons – very powerful!. A unique way of interpreting one’s motions entangled with every passing month. The use of the figure of speech and the choice of language is highly appreciable. Loved the line- ‘when you try to wrap your fingers………….feel nothing but your skin.’ So philosophical and true.”JURY.

“Memories” by Rounak Abid using Catchphrase “Serenity in those eyes/তাকাই যদি চোখ একটি দীঘি হোক”.


“The skilful handling of the concept and the intensity of the memories is exceptionally luminous. Every expression has a depth in itself which touches the soul. Language is very lyrical, which reflects the essence of romanticism and evokes a feeling of involvement. The flow of writing is consistent and has clarity, the reason why one can visualize the minute details easily. A strong introspective piece. Makes me think about the questions: who are you when you are alone? And at the same time: is anyone ever actually alone? Our memories come with us wherever we go – this poem embodies that really well!”JURY.

“Silence” and “Space” by Sreya Sarkar using Catchphrases “Illusion of reality/ আতশ কাঁচের দেওয়াল” and “Serenity in those eyes/তাকাই যদি চোখ একটি দীঘি হোক” respectively.

“A great attempt at making a case for silence! A tricky and interesting idea – to use words to describe the insufficiency of words. The contribution of silence in our lives has been articulated with clarity, with no room for ambiguity. I feel the language of this particular catchphrase is a myth of enormous potency..”JURY.


“A strong piece that shows how our lives are related even when separate, how we all have the potential of seeing and understanding each other even as distances separate us. The deeper intent of the writer while presenting the idea can be easily interpreted. The unique expressions with a flavour of nostalgia contain significant analysis of the catchphrase. Each character is portrayed brilliantly in an appropriate setting. The use of proper literary devices, idioms and phrases and rich vocabulary enhanced the essence of the topic and, in a way, left an indelible print in my mind. I especially liked the descriptions such as “reality trapped in newspapers” – very effective!”JURY.

Mastercrafter Award

“Serene eye” by Anusuya Sen using Catchphrase “Serenity in those eyes/তাকাই যদি চোখ একটি দীঘি হোক”.

Serene eye

“A really interesting piece of writing with a surprising and melancholic twist at the end. The idea could be more intense, but the choice of words and expression is appreciable. Would have loved to see it developed a little further: why can you never make a home there? Why are the subject’s eyes a getaway but not a place of safety? The confusion of the thought process was quite evident. Somewhere, I felt the need for more clarity as in a few lines…”.-JURY.

“Diverse Horizons” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase “Horizon calls …. come along / চলো সাথে দিগন্তে”.

Diverse horizons

“.Interesting description of Grandpa-Grandson relation. Nostalgia and morose are well brought out. The emotions are heart-rendering and genuine. A beautiful piece that tangles with grief, recovery, and the beauty of nature. The minute details of the mountains, rivers, and forests of Khajjiar have been beautifully expressed. The serenity of these places could be felt. The area of improvement is the grammatical errors, which need to be rectified. I think more use of literary devices would have enhanced the essence of serenity.”JURY.

“Trip” by Mainak Dutta using No Catchphrase.


“It seems to be a typical Diary Entry or a Travelogue kind of approach. Wonderful descriptions, lots of vivid detail – I could really follow the day’s events through this piece and feel your excitement! Somehow, the elements of a memorable trip are lacking.”- JURY.

“Shine Girl” and “A Bird…” by Nadini saha using No Catchphrases and “Illusion of reality/ আতশ কাঁচের দেওয়াল” respectively.

Shine girl
A bird….

“A nice motivational poem! A very good effort to highlight the sense of realization of the need of the hour—-one’s identity and self-respect of each individual, especially women. Facts regarding women’s tendency to be taken for granted have been very well expressed. ! Its presentation could have been more innovative and exciting. Though written in poetry form there are a lot of prosaic elements..”JURY on “Shine girl”.

“This piece of writing generally aims to evoke a single emotional response i.e. the way the woman has been treated by all.A strong message within this poem, well done for putting it out there so openly! It would be interesting to experiment a little further with the idea of the bird as the central metaphor. (However )somewhere, meaning got lost in places. The conflict has been highlighted but expected to have a strong positive suggestion at the end which was missing. The diction is often not poetic though written in a poetry form and there is little life in the poem.”JURY on ” A bird”

” Chai pe Charcha” by Rakshita Tiwary using No Catchphrase.

Chai pe Charcha

“A beautiful light-hearted poem, in Hindi putting up a bright positive outlook. Smoothly flowing lively expression, very intimate. with a strong social message! but somewhere, it lacks clarity. Language is ambiguous and seems to be out of context.”JURY.

“Deluge” and “Illusion” by Santanu Kumar Shaw using Catchphrases “So hard to stay afloat /প্রাণ বাঁচাতেই প্রাণান্ত” and “Illusion of reality/ আতশ কাঁচের দেওয়াল” respectively.


“A lament in poetic form expressing the unfulfilled, self-critical desires and emotions bordering on depression and a touch of positivity at the end. The poem has a sense of freshness and an urge to live life with meaning and not just for the sake of it…The language, being simple, can easily be interpreted. The contrast in the last two lines of each stanza adds to the beauty of the theme. I especially liked the idea of moon/stars – could be drawn out a little more!”JURY on “Deluge”.

“Beautiful romantic poem in blank verse style with selective diction that expresses the unuttered feelings and desires. A strong poem which has a delicate balance of emotional images and physical images in every stanza. A simple yet well-defined attempt. Confronted with reality, the urge to attain freedom evokes a keen sense of reliability and emotional response. The flow of language, clarity and seeking solace and safety make the theme interesting .”JURY on” Illusion.”

“Winter nights” and “Why” by Shreoshi Neogi using No Catchphrase and “Illusion of reality/ আতশ কাঁচের দেওয়াল” respectively.

Winter nights

“Beautiful expression of fragments of remembrance of Winter Nights. The imageries are beautiful. An interesting idea about the impact of winter on our inner worlds. Could be explore(d) a little further – what does loneliness feel, sound, and look like to you? When you feel creative and lonely at the same time, what happens? With such a strong lyrical theme, the aspects of Winter Nights could have been more elaborately explained.”JURY on “Winter nights”.

“A tiny little poem on amorous exchanges between a girl and a boy. short and effective , simple yet philosophical. I like the definitive ending! Could have been a riveting account of reality with a little more effort.”JURY on ” Why”.

Budding Weaver Award

“Unexpressable” by Subhrajyoti Ghosh using Catchphrase “Serenity in those eyes/তাকাই যদি চোখ একটি দীঘি হোক”.


“A wonderful mix of retelling the story of your travel and a reflection on the beauty of nature. I especially loved the line “There is a waterfall in every dream”. Need to work on grammar, as there are several grammatical errors which, at some point, hampered the flow and continuity of the writing. There are many spelling mistakes too. There are many irrelevant points which could have been avoided as they do not make sense.”JURY.