Trailblazer AwardSreya Sarkar
Dreamspinner AwardShishir Marathey
Mastercrafter AwardNehal Gadia

Pooja Motwani

Budding Weaver award( For 15-17 years only)None

Trailblazer Award

“Our Tales” and “Silence” both by Sreya Sarkar using Catchphrases “Your own realities/তোমার আপন সত্য” and “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত”.

Our Tales

“Real and relatable. Much appreciated. On point. Rooted. Provocative. Opinionated. Simply put. Lovely depiction of the hidden complexities of everyday. The cross-section of events, the choice of perspective all shout of a carefully thought of, and well crafted, piece that according to me yearns for a larger audience.
With practice, and deliberate review of the structure of the paragraphs, attention to the why and when of phrase repetition, tiny grammatical course corrections etc will go a long way in adding more to your word crafting. Write banal, write trivial, write idiotic, but do not stop writing!- JURY


” Really beautiful, thought provoking, almost tragic but endearing. Wonderful tone and rhythm too! It is not often that the train of thoughts of one person makes sense to another. Inevitable metaphors taint our lives after our tryst with love and loss. You have a fair grip over the language, and you seem to be able to convey your thoughts quite easily. Please pay more attention to grammer.”- JURY

Also, in Mastercrafter Award category:-

“Old love” by Sreya Sarkar using No Catchphrase

Old love

“Very heart warming and thought provoking reading. You have expressed your profound love for the city quite commendably. Please avoid unintended patterns of repetitions in structures. And go for reevaluation again and again. This will smoothen out edges.”-JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Silence” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত”


“Beautiful imagery, quizzical yet musical. The time framing and the portrayal of the scene though the last words of Dr. Smith is a beautiful device for a short write-up like this .It appears that the character was somehow trying to accommodate writer’s need to communicate the story to the reader. Please pay more attention to grammar, sentence structure and spellings. Small mistakes cost you the attention of your reader.”- JURY

 And, also in Mastercrafter Award category:-

“The Finish” and “Nightfall” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrases “The finish matters/শেষ আঁচড়ই চূড়ান্ত” and “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী” respectively.

The Finish

“Thrilling and adventurous, a bit abrupt perhaps. It is important that readers catch up with your flow. They tell you where you had them and where you lost them. Read and re-read the verses but preserve the sanctity of what you must communicate. “- JURY


“Lovely attention to details and wonderful use of monologues. You have a flair for imagery. Please pay attention to this- a loose end or two might add mystery but one too many makes the story fragmented. “- JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“The Turns” by Nehal Gadia using No Catchphrase

The turns

“Wonderful rhythm, beautiful loose rhymes and poetry. Your words come with a reassurance that is rare in these times. Perhaps a little concern for grammar and also experimentation for other forms of poetry will work wonders.”- JURY

“Fool” by Pooja Motwani using Catchphrase “Your own realities/তোমার আপন সত্য”


“Beautiful yet intriguing. You have the tenacity and a propensity for imagery. The words you use must have a free flow. Make them comfortable enough for readers. Don’t hesitate to write and rewrite the verses. It would be better if they had a word synchronicity “- JURY