TRAILBLAZER Sashank Macharla
DREAMSPINNER Jithin Kairamkonda
MASTERCRAFTER  Prem Kumar Tunuri
Radhika Ravindran


” Dearest Lyle” by Sashank Macharla”

AP6 522-2

” A deeply personal message, true to the catchword, with which the reader can relate because of the sensitive, honest and bold presentation. The carefully executed underexposure of the relationships and the incidents is well appreciated.”- JURY

( Mastercrafter Award Category)

” Lost in translation ” by Sashank Macharla

AP6 522-1

” A complicated issue presented in an uncomplicated style, but lacking in delectable diction, expression and imageries.”- JURY


” Shattered” by Jithin Kairamkonda

AP6 520-2

“Interesting presentation of text and image, but rather gimmicky and it stands in the way of pleasant reading. Expressions called for greater depth and sensitivity keeping the theme in mind.”- JURY

(Mastercrafter Award Category)

” Seventh age” by Jithin Kairamkonda

AP6 520-1

” Idea and title of the poem drawn from Shakespeare, (and even older literature) presented well anew. Impressive poetic skill, simple elegant expressions.”-JURY


” Virtual” by Prem Kumar Tunuri

AP6 437-1

” A profound universal idea beautifully expressed with good rhyming skill. Emotional extremes well expressed in a few lines with good choice of words.”- JURY

” Rather they rise” by Radhika Ravindran

AP6 525-1

” A well known romantic idea beautifully conceived and charmingly expressed with precision and skillful rhythm making it almost musical.”- JURY