Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardSreya Sarkar
Mastercrafter AwardPooja Motwani
Saurabh Maity
Budding Weaver Award( For 15-17 yrs old and Newcomers)None

Dreamspinner Award

“Her eyes” and “Thoughts” by Sreya Sarkar using Catchphrases “Eloquent eyes/ চোখ ভরা কথা” and “Crumpled thoughts / ভাঙ্গাচোরা ভাবনা” respectively.

Her eyes

“Deeply stirring thoughts, and words, the way they have been phrased to express the idea vividly. Strong unravelling of the narrator’s perspective and what it means to inherit and be a part of a social system. Especially wonderful is the connection of women with the city. Only one spelling oversight: knock instead of nook.”JURY


“Powerful reflections of a writer’s journey — internal and external, hidden and shared. A physical setting to the piece makes it all the more lively. Very well articulated thoughts with nobility in perspective. Well versed, some grammatical errors notwithstanding.”JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Love” by Pooja Motwani using Catchphrase “Crumpled thoughts / ভাঙ্গাচোরা ভাবনা”.


“Wonderful meditation on what words can mean, and not mean; what not-words can mean, and not mean. The specific examples of powerful gestures are particularly appreciable. It would be wonderful if these could be extended further. The soulful writing contains feelings, emotion, experiences and expectations, and a lot more ingredients including a fine tune of melancholy.”JURY

“A Message” by Saurabh Maity using No Catchphrase .

A message

“The letter format of the write-up, its brevity and the bold revelation of true feelings (of the author) in its concluding part, are adorable … One’s heart cannot be judged by anyone else. The author is very promising.”JURY