TRAILBLAZER  Jithin Kairamkonda
Soumya S Warrier


Pooja Motwani
Shishir Marathey




“Let her go” by Jithin Kairamkonda

Let her go   

“Engaging and witty, with a clever build-up leading to the twist in the concluding lines. Funny– but also thought-provoking. A crisp and enjoyable read! It has a brilliant thriller-like misleading build-up, which is executed in such brevity.”-JURY

” Held by bones” and “Date” by Jithin Kairamkonda

(Dreamspinner Award Category)   

Held by bones

“A remarkable understanding of form and content. Lovely images. Beautifully imagined and earnestly executed. Could be streamlined into a stronger, more unique poem with more attention to skill.”-JURY


“Witty storyline and earnest execution. The theme ‘twist ‘has been aptly understood and utilized. Lovely twist at the end with a sense of building anticipation for what is to come next. Brilliant build-up, almost Hitchcockian, with the first line hinting the end, unlike a whodunit, and all of this in so very few words. Great job.”-JURY

“Djinn city” by Soumya s warrier

Djinn city

“Brilliant use of metaphors and visual imagery throughout the piece. Evokes strong multisensorial engagement. Twist as a theme come across strongly. A charming nod to Dalrymple’s novel. The writing, with the writer’s own unique style, explores coarse reality of urban life wonderfully. One can almost feel the city come alive.Great use of dialogue and suspense to build the story through different angles. Characterization was also quite well done – as well as tying the threads together without disclosing too much.”-JURY


“Synesthetic” by Pooja Motwani


“A novel and well executed idea. A beautiful depiction of experience through contrast. Great ‘twist’ brought at the end – makes one think about the world and the importance of our perceptions of it.”-JURY

“A little too soon” by Pooja Motwani

( Mastercrafter Award Category)

A little too soon

“Very succinct and enjoyable read. The concluding lines are beautifully imagined and are the highlight of the piece. A lovely interpretation of the prompt expressed through sweet, simple rhyme. It manages to capture the mood of its narrative of brevity, through brevity. “-JURY

“Money tree” by Shishir Marathey

Money tree

“Lovely rap/poem – the beat is clear in the reading and the impact is very powerful. The underlying idea is brilliantly developed through the piece. Beautiful use of metaphors, evokes strong imagery and makes for an enjoyable read. “-JURY

“Untitled” by Shishir Marathey

(Mastercrafter Award Category)


“A pleasurable read! The theme ‘wings’ has been employed well and reflects indirectly through the piece. Evokes strong aural and visual imagery. It has a beautiful rhythm of its own and has a huge potential of being performed with a rap-like structure. “-JURY