MASTERCRAFTER Andem Sai Srivathsav

Pooja Motwani

Shishir Marathey


“God, Devotee and Capitalism” by Andem Sai Srivathsav

God, Devotee and Capitalism

“Engaging and thought-provoking language,with a mild flavour of humour. The narration with unhindered flow and the attention to detail is quite appreciative. The concluding part could have been a bit more emphasizing.”-JURY

” When will we ever learn?” by Pooja Motwani

When will we ever learn?

“An honest , insightful and provocative read written with meticulously chosen words, a subtle but lusty expression of feelings, that makes the reader question the significance of our words and really makes one feel the thrashes of mere ‘words’. This essay has been exceptionally construed to bring about maximum effect of the experiences that the author has experienced. Special mention with the staging.”– JURY

“Climate” by Shishir Marathey


“A very good composition with nice build-up of rhythm and impact. A little more attention to use of words could have brought more clarity to the composition.”-JURY