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Mastercrafter AwardPooja Motwani
Saurabh Maity
Shishir Marathey
Shreoshi Neogi
Sreya Sarkar
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Mastercrafter Award

Separation by Pooja Motwani using Catchphrase Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে.


there is love in holding
and there is love in letting go
is it truly a lucid experience to allow a separation to make you feel the way earth must
have when it sat by and helplessly watched the continents drift further and further away
until pangea ceased to exist?
they say there’s no greater desire in the world than a wounded person’s need for another
wound, and i wonder if it’s why i foolishly allow myself to think of you in the empty
spaces between seconds —
and i see you; lover of snow, child of winter
you; who drew flowers at the back of my hand
with that endearing little habit of stacking all the magnets on the refrigerator door close
to each other for no reason at all. hiding behind doors to startle whoever passed by and
grinning so wide after, your eyes would turn into crescent moons. sitting atop the kitchen
counter and swinging your legs like a child, much to your mother’s dismay, until you grew
too tall and (grudgingly) stopped. always forgetting your glasses at the table and
squinting at people in the distance. eating ice cream straight from the tub, humming
after each bite. swaying, always swaying, even to the music of silence.
— i think about how you’ll never see me at 22, 23, 24.
the odd thing about communication steadily passing into oblivion is… i knew all of these
things about you. about your day, your week, your breaks. and now if anyone asked, i
wouldn’t have the faintest clue if you even slept at all the other night. i no longer know
what the last thing was that left you sizzling in your anger for weeks, and you don’t know
that one of the most important people in my life breathed their last only a few months
did i overstay my welcome years ago?
because it seems as if you grew out of needing me the way people grow out of their
clothes, while i still wake up sometimes with things to tell you — good, bad — and
continue to mourn the person i used to be when we stood together.
there are countless words sitting at the tip of my tongue with no way to go, but the ones
that always try to claw their way out are,
“i miss you like a little kid”
“when we ended and you held care in one hand and anger in the other, which one was it
that dropped first?”

**drifting away gradually

“Well written. The idea, structure and form, the diction and expressions are all well appreciable. The agony of separation, expressed subtly yet powerfully, could be felt. But a lot of attention is needed regarding punctuation.”- JURY

Infinity by Saurabh Maity using Catchphrase Impossible loop/অসম্ভবের চক্করে.


Cracks through the storm of love
Buried through weather of trust
You’re shaking…you’re breaking.
Holding the railings of cheat
Your feet land on the ground…
Oh no…but your head is full of someone else…
That warmth of your breath now smells like a gasoline of lie…
Light it on fire for someone else’s desire.
Hurts…ah it hurts like a needle through my eye…like a severed ending of a book I like…
Where am I? In hurt? In ache? In solace? In panacea?
Questions, questions…running through my mind.
Running through the day…days become nights but the doubts remain…
Hands, hands don’t fit…
Words, words sound hollow…
December’s winter is a singe when I think about the winter in your eyes…cold, shallow, snow fleaked.
Love… Ineffable… Insatiable… Inseparable.
Like the meaning of the word you know it’s there but you don’t know it…
My book is empty… You took away the words, the thoughts, the hands and the will…
You took away the story…
Why don’t you take away the pain?

“Slick writing with impressive use of metaphor, simile, personification and sharp imagery. Good vocabulary. But it does not quite fit in with the catchphrase.” – JURY

It was you by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে.

It was you….


It was you

“The poem may be perceived as evocative of the agony of separation beautifully tinged with a tone of melancholy. The trailing trauma of separation is nicely expressed. The revelation at the end using environment-based metaphors is beautiful. But omission of some punctuation marks and commission of typos have eroded its merit.”JURY

Evening and Thoughts by Shreoshi Neogi using Catchphrases The past in the present /ভূতের বর্তমান and Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে respectively.




A simple poem with striking images, lovely shifts and a reconciliation at the end. A little dramatization of theme, more use of appropriate poetic devices and images would elevate the poem. The idea, however, is not original and language skill.- JURY


Direct, easy to follow, clearly written work. But, Use of a few literary devices and appropriate vocabulary would transform it into a lyrical piece. Doesn’t connect well with the chosen theme. Originality of idea is also needed..-JURY

Enmeshed by Sreya sarkar using catchphrase Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে.


Enmeshed (contd.)

Wonderful reflection on childhood and its changes over time using rhymes and eloquent images. Interesting interpretation of the topic. However, effective use of alliteration and assonance would enrich the beautiful nostalgic sentimentJURY