DREAMSPINNER Arpan Sadhukhan

Laboni Barman
Sandipan karmakar
Sanjay Kamilya
Shishir Marathey
Tarpan Sarkar




“Don’t Touch” by Arpan Sadhukhan using Catchphrase  “Keep distance… Don’t you touch”

“Just loved it! Concept is excellent. Skill and idea both are fantastic! The text enhances the visual quite impressively. I am sure the artist would get to know how to represent artwork professionally, Keep making more of these, read more.”- JURY


“Post-world” by Jit Natta using no Catchphrase


“This particular piece of artwork is a brilliant stuff as well! Concept is intriguing, the visual treatment is interesting. your visualisation and characters are very imaginative. The visual could have been a bit conspicuous. It is understood that this piece is a kind of a protest against rising fascism, but the artist needs to be cautious about choosing ‘words’/ addresses. (for example, “Chaddis” is a derogatory term and very direct. If the artist wants to use these kinds of words as protest , suggest him/her to follow Appupen’s dystopian works). Work a bit on communication, so the ideas become more accessible to the readers without losing your flavour or over explaining. Also artist needs to improve in lettering. Read and see more works”-JURY

“উড়নচণ্ডী” by Laboni Barman using Catchphrase “Home is where the heart is/বাড়ির টান, নাড়ির টান”

“Concept is good,Very well executed. Artwork is very dynamic, the best part is the narrative which is very clear, no unnecessary abstract. The text along with the visual is excellent. Keep writing and illustrating more!”-JURY

“A drama” by Sandipan Karmakar using Catchphrase  “Alien in one’s homeland /নিজভূমে পরবাসী”

A drama

“Nice idea,Brilliant work! The story needed a title/headline, some text could also be added to make it clearer. The ‘artwork by …’ text is disrupting the flow of the wordless graphics. With time the artist will understand rules of creating wordless graphics.”-JURY

“Breathe” by Sanjay Kamilya using Catchphrase  “Let us breathe/শ্বাস নিতে দাও”


“Skill and idea both excellent,Concept and visual is quite good.You have a nice visual style. Work more on concepts and stories”-JURY

“Alien” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase  “Alien in one’s homeland /নিজভূমে পরবাসী”


“Lovely piece of short comics with a proper punchline at the end. Good work! Try experimenting with panels.”-JURY

“Lashta” by Tarpan Sarkar

“The visual is intriguing with good juxtaposition of visual and text. It’s brilliant that you tried to adapt this. Also you tried to draw a complete comics and to experiment in every possible way despite limited drawing skill. We suggest the artist to practice drawing. It is unclear in parts and can be refined a lot. Keep making and experimenting more. Fearlessly.”- JURY