Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardMili Mandal
Rajarshi Sarkar
Mastercrafter AwardArpan Sadhukhan
Bidhi Shaw
Debarati Ghosh
Esha Roy
Puja Kar
Sayan Banerjee
Subarsa Chakraborty
Budding Weaver Award (only for 15-17 yrs. of age and Newcomers)None


“The Hawker” by Mili Mandal.

“Excellent rendition of the gruesome effects of pademic , taking inspiration from Gond and Madhubani painting. The story is sad and harsh but depicts what the world encountered, through a powerful visual language.”JURY

“Mission AI” by Rajarshi Sarkar

“Beautiful portrayal of a cautionary message about A,I, with a nice hint of humour. The satirical touch is excellent.”JURY


“Goponota”/ Secrecy by Arpan Sadhukhan

“A nice effort in using mixed media as a medium of expressio, though the visuals aren’t quite in harmony. Color usage creates a little confusion. Concept and visuals show a different perspecive.”JURY

An Untitled Artwork by Bidhi Shaw.

“Relates contemporary conditions to ancient tradtions based on Hindu mythology. Beautifully showcased through the ‘Cheriyal’ style of art. Stylistic fonts are not easy to read though.”JURY

“Dreams Old” by Debarati Ghosh

“Done in black ink strokes. The crow in blue gives out a surreal feeling. The poetry is filled with more images than actual images.”JURY

“Chipko” by Esha Roy

“The visual and concept beautifuuly rendered. Portrayal of the movement against deforestation evokes inspiration even today.”JURY

“Duskybud” by Puja Kar

“Beautifully done and painted digitally taking inspiration from a song. The visuals are stunning.”JURY

“Road King” by Sayan Banerjee

“A very interesting point of view. Those fluffy, shredded projections from the vehicle has added to the image of the chaotic swarm that the participant has tried to draw a picture of.”JURY

“Birth” by Subarsa Chakraborty

“Absolutely beautiful style of illustration along with the use of bright and vibrant colours, use of speech bubbles and satellite boxes further adds to the experience of going through this graphic story. Beautiful piece of work.”JURY