Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardNone
Mastercrafter AwardBinoy Jana
Dipshikha Samanta
Esha Roy
Meghna Naskar
Mehali Mandal
Mili Mandal
Oindrila Das
Rishita Datta
Sayan Banerjee
Sohini Roy
Soumen Ray
Subarsa Chakraborty
Subhrajyoti Ghosh
Tanusree Naskar
Budding Weaver Award ( only for 15-17 yrs old and First timers)Ankur Chatterjee
Arijit Jana
Baishakhi Paul
Priyanka Roy
Sankar Ghosh
Sayan Mal
Sayantan Sanyal
Sreyoshi Neogi
Susmita Sadhukhan

Mastercrafter Award

“T-60 story”by Binoy Jana.

“Funny, lovely designs! The skill with which these artworks have been created is commendable. Beautifully created T-shirt Designs with illustrations and typography but somehow not telling any story. Every piece contains a new character and the designs are not taking us through any journey. Both idea and execution shows some balance, designs could have been better suited on T-shirt frames.”JURY.

“Temple” by Dipshikha Samanta.

“Beautifully worked out! All the panels are really good.”JURY.

“Nancy” by Esha Roy.

“Very cute and innocent. Beautiful portrayal of curiosity, innocence and childhood memories through digital medium.”JURY.

“ইয়তিরহস্য” by Meghna Naskar.

An interesting mystery story all conveyed with the help of visuals and no text. Nice pictorial representation, but Incorporating dialogues would have helped more. Would have loved if there were some more segments showcasing how the three main characters concluded that the hermit is the main culprit. Having said so, its beautiful how this graphic story is created with just ink and watercolour with a print-like feel as one might find in a comics.“- JURY.

“Cat story” by Mehali Mandal.

“Beautiful kids illustration, cute. It’s amazing how these little illustrations were created being inspired by Ruskin Bond’s story. Beautifully portrayed without the use of text and just water colour even though it feels like it has been done in gouache.”JURY.

Also, Budding Weaver Award winning entry :

“A gift” by Mehali Mandal.

“Beautiful execution. A lovely work for kids! Showcasing the little girl’s wish which found its way back in her dreams and ultimately comes true. This very seamless flow makes this story even more fascinating. We can also see how this graphic story might have looked if it was an actual book with the mock up given at the very beginning.”JURY.

Motherhood” by Mili Mandal.

“Both the concept as well as the medium is beautiful. Must be appreciated for the choice of the medium which gives way to certain uniqueness in its visual language. To be able to showcase a journey that too in a difficult medium such as batik on goat leather is commendable. But since the piece has been titled “motherhood”, would have loved to see more about the mother-children relationship.”JURY.

“Krishna” by Oindrila Das.

“Beautiful digital illustrations which are great individual pieces of work but creates no smooth flowing story. Would have loved if the pieces were connected and woven in.”JURY.

“Life race” by Rishita Datta.

“This story showcases “enjoying and finding happiness in little things and lifting others” with simple visuals done beautifully with digital media. It is difficult to assimilate the artist’s ideas and actual visual representation”.- JURY.

“Dystoganj” by Sayan Banerjee.

“The artist very efficiently has put forward the negative side of the society. an utterly dystopian society, a society of injustice and suffering, of corruption and terror. with great efficiency the artist has portrayed the unnatural, uncanny, the absolute dark the future is paving to.”JURY.

“Reflection” by Sohini Roy.

“The storyline as well as the way it’s been executed are amazing! ideas are represented very intelligently. Its amazing how the story takes us through the journey of Rhea’s realisation that she needs to cure her depression…then observed how even after the procedure she was not feeling complete. Finally ends up accepting the darkness within and embarked on a new journey of self-love, self-care and self-acceptance…the one and true path of healing.”JURY.

“My city” by Soumen Roy.

“Love the technique!! very artistic and effective image making. Very interesting way of showcasing the city with use of newspaper cut-outs and the thoughts that accompany them.”JURY.

“Lost Soul” by Subarsa Chakraborty.

“Very interesting horror story however ends abruptly without showcasing much after the lost soul came to visit one of the children… it leaves us wanting to know what happens after. oft repeated story, run of the mill representation.”JURY.

“Debtful” by Subhrajyoti Ghosh.

“Concept and illustration both are good, one can conjure an animated film out of it. Beautiful thoughts portrayed through this story. We humans tend to lose our emotions with time but trees don’t!”JURY.

“ফ্যাকাশে আলো” by Tanusree Naskar.

“A very interesting graphic story which is full of symbolic representations of the society and the fact that there is no other option for us other than to be a part of it and somehow keep trying to survive. Amazing concept and illustrations, very creative, but poetry is more powerful than the images.”JURY.

Budding Weaver Award

“Journey” by Ankur Chatterjee.

“Absolutely beautiful! The way the story of the journey has been weaved is absolutely beautiful. The expertise and the skills with which these pieces have been created are commendable. Beautiful medium used to depict the story! it is appreciable how eternal life is brought onto the maze of tapestry. However simple the subject might be, the execution is amazing.”JURY.

পার্থক্য” by Arijit Jana.

“The very idea that we should set aside all differences and join hands in unity is what is there at the heart of this piece. The very fact that we are all same but unable to understand this simple thing is what this piece showcases. The artist very nicely have expressed his/her thoughts .Sometimes even a lifetime falls short and though quite literal, the message that is being delivered is of utmost importance in today’s day and age. However the symbolism of head and spine somewhat gets nullified when skeletons debunk the one-upmanship. Though well illustrated, how this idea is expanded is found wanting .”JURY.

“Pets love” by Baishakhi Paul.

“Nice concept. Pets are the most trustworthy, faithful and the closest kin to any human being, proved this story. Beautifully showcased how simple acts of kindness can actually bring love one’s way. Points well put across, visual representation could have been better.”JURY.

“ভাঙন” by Priyanka Roy.

“An honest portrayal of the current situation where jobs are being given but not on the basis of merit but in exchange of money. We can see how students are compelled to protest and fight for their rights. Some unfortunately take their life in hopelessness. The artist has portrayed the harsh realities of this world in his/her own style, the message is effectively conveyed.”JURY.

Untitled” by Sankar Ghosh.


The illustration style is really good, Childhood memories have been portrayed here, nicely done in watercolour.”JURY.

“Protest” by Sayan Mal.

“The artist has set forth the dirty reality of today’s life. The artist has quite a grave concern, but it reminds one of the horror stories from childhood. Reality is not that innocent. Its true that leaving the comfort of home and the love and care of parents and to go start living elsewhere is difficult. And all the recent happenings contribute even more to the fear. Some speak up some don’t! Some survive… some run away.”JURY.

“Cupid” by Sayantan Sanyal.

“A beautiful and a funny graphic story which keeps the viewer engaged right till the end. Lovely illustration style, thoroughly enjoyable.”JURY.

“Ups & Down” by Sreyoshi Neogi.

“Very good concept, so simple, yet so powerful. Very important message and that too conveyed with just four pieces… The execution could’ve been better.”JURY.

“Save Trees” by Susmita Sadhukhan.

“Filled with child like innocence. Save trees is the message that is being shared with this graphic story. Nicely done with watercolours. However would have loved if the individual artworks were nicely stitched in”JURY.