Trailblazer Award Arpan Sadhukhan
Dreamspinner Award Dominica Harrison
Mastercrafter Award

Kunal Naskar

Puja Kar

Sagarika Pattanayak

Shishir Marathey

Budding Weaver Award(For 15-17 yrs of age only) None

Trailblazer award

“India ’21” by Arpan Sadhukhan

” This is an excellent piece of work…very poetic, brilliant execution also. The politically charged concept has been excellently put through expressive black strokes. The minimal usage of colour has furthermore emphasized the concept. The only concern is, the story lacks a sequence- just flashes of sporadic ideas. I just suggest that the subtitle could be rephrased and the artist reproduces it in full scale with a connecting thread between pages.Very promising but the artist must hone his storytelling skills further.”-JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Silence” by Dominica Harrison

” Idea and execution, both are brilliant. The idea is complex, yet very captivating! An evocative work, could have simplified more.”-JURY

Mastercrafter Award

An Untitled Artwork by Kunal Naskar.

“Idea and execution, both are very interesting. The visual imageries are quite expressive. Lots of rooms for further improvement.”- JURY

“Weekend” by Puja Kar

“Really sincere work that has been depicted beautifully. Very relatable mundane experience that we go through in real life. Art work is satisfactory. I am certain that the artist have enough skill to develop a full fledged comics once he/she get a captivating idea.”- JURY

“Thirsty” by Sagarika Pattanayak

“Idea and execution, both good. Good concept and rendition, new interpretation is interesting.”- JURY

“Baby” by Shishir Marathey

“The idea is stunning! The twist in the tale is commendable (could have been better, though!), The ideation should have been bit communicable. I suggest the artist, if he/she produces such work in future, to use simple black ink on paper. Don’t draw such social cartoons on digital platforms. It would look better with some human errors. Personally, I think, It would look much better if you add color only at the last panel. Rest is black and white. “- JURY