Trailblazer Award Rajesh Barman
Dreamspinner Award None
Mastercrafter Award

Ankan Karmakar

Dipayan Sarkar

Disha Mallick

Dwip Adhikary

Gayatri Halder

Kunal Naskar

Nandita Basak

Pranab K. Dhal

Puja Kar

Sanjib Behera

Srotoswini Sinha

Subhasis Das

Suman Das

Tamalika Dhar

Uma Roy

Budding Weaver Award(For 15-17 yrs of age only) None

Trailblazer Award

“A journey” by Rajesh Barman using No Catchphrase.

“A refreshing visual that captures the excitement of homecoming. Movement and color mix together create an atmosphere of stress and excitement that goes along with homecoming.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Award category Entry :

“তোর্সা নদী/River Torsha” and ‘Haystack” by Rajesh Barman using Catchphrases “Wish I were a river / ইচ্ছে, যদি হতেম নদী” and “Echoing mind/ মন যেন তায় দিচ্ছে সাড়া” respectively.

“A wonderful work of art- the river Torsha connects the artist to nature and the earth as a whole .”-JURY comments for “River Torsha”

“Beautiful work and a delightful use of the gouache medium.”- JURY comments for “Haystack”.

Mastercrafter Award


“Online move” and ” Girls=toy” by Ankan Karmakar using Catchphrases “Echoing mind/ মন যেন তায় দিচ্ছে সাড়া” and “Anarchy/ নেই (নৈ) -রাজ্য” respectively.

“Vibrant colors are really adorable. Use of small details, like those of the empty chairs of different styles is interesting. The use of the banana also makes the work seem satirical and enriches the composition as a whole.”- JURY

“An evocative work. The artist has used the acrylic medium with confident brushstrokes to give an effect of woodcut prints.”- JURY

“Childhood” by Dipayan Sarkar using Catchphrase “Kite-flying days/ ঘুড়ি-লাটাই দিনগুলি”.


“An idyllic composition representing an innocent childhood. Good idea.” – JURY

“The river” by Disha Mallick using Catchphrase “Wish I were a river / ইচ্ছে, যদি হতেম নদী”.


“Wonderful use of form and color and good idea too.”- JURY

“Land-IV” by Dwip Adhikary using Catchphrase “Unseen colours / যে রঙগুলি যায় না দেখা” 

“The works are minimal, yet evoke what they set out to convey. A powerful art work. Resembles installation art to some extent.”- JURY

“Laissez” and “Esoteric” by Gayatri Halder using Catchphrase “Love all … play/ লাভ অল … প্লে” and No Catchphrase  respectively.


“Interesting collage of images that conveys happiness, love and playfulness.”- JURY comments for “Laissez”

“Wonderful use of medium, reminiscent of Mithu Sen’s perforation works.”- JURY comments for “Esoteric”

An Untitled artwork by Kunal Naskar using Catchphrase “Anarchy/ নেই (নৈ) -রাজ্য”

“Playful use of form, style and colour gives the work a certain flavour.”- JURY

“Ceremony” by Nandita Basak using No Catchphrase


“An interesting concept that comes out differently because of the shift in medium from photographs to painting. One could not have shown better how we live with our memories.”- JURY

“Hearing” by Pranab K. Dhal using No Catchphrase

“An extremely intimate work that reflects so much of the artist’s personal experiences, and makes us feel thankful for the artist’s friend Nucleus Sprint.”- JURY

“Memories” and “Daydream” by Puja Kar using Catchphrases “Kite-flying days/ ঘুড়ি-লাটাই দিনগুলি” and “Wish I were a river / ইচ্ছে, যদি হতেম নদী” respectively.

“A dreamy work, it captures an idyllic mood in vibrant and clear colors. “- JURY comments for “Daydream”.

“A romantic and nostalgic work, it captures the theme of the catchphrase.”.- JURY comments for “Memories”.

An Untitled Artwork by Sanjib Behera using Catchphrase “Anarchy/ নেই (নৈ) -রাজ্য”



“A charming work, it captures the contrast and complexity in modern human life which makes boundaries and norms so undefined and fluid.”- JURY

“They Say-” by Srotoswini Sinha using catchphrase “Unseen colours / যে রঙগুলি যায় না দেখা”


They say-

“Interesting visuals that capture the theme very well. A good work.”- JURY

“Crisis” by Subhasis Das using Catchphrase “Anarchy/ নেই (নৈ) -রাজ্য”

“A contemporary image of what we all have been experiencing since the onset of the pandemic. Good skill and idea.”- JURY

“We’re safe” and “”New Dawn” by Suman Das using Catchphrases “Anarchy/ নেই (নৈ) -রাজ্য” and “Love all … play/ লাভ অল … প্লে” respectively.

“These works are a world of their own. Extremely dreamy and poignant. Good work.”- JURY comments for “New Dawn”.

“An extremely magical work reminiscent of the mood in Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. This is a very good art work.”- JURY comments for “We’re safe”

“Melancholy” by Tamalika Dhar using No Catchphrase.



“Interesting merging of the ongoing crisis with mythology which makes the work relatable.”- JURY

“Own Space” by Uma Roy using No Catchphrase.


“Beautiful composition with interesting use of colours.”- JURY