Rajesh Barman

Gayatri Halder

Nandini Talukder

DREAMSPINNER    Trinath Majumder

Vasundhara Srinivas

Archita Goyal

Rajnarayan  Samanta

Biswajit Khan

Ankan Karmakar

Nandita Basak

Sumanta Das

Nibedita Dey

Sarama Tikader

Satya Praveen

Sanjay Kamilya

Rabindranath Jana

Mahendra Mridha

Sukanta Mondal













” Me in my college” by Rajesh Barman

Me in my college

“Noteworthy concept and the way it breaks the 4th wall. Intelligent representation of our time and space where we use our mobile phones more than our eyes. Thought provoking. “-JURY

Recalling past” by Gayatri Halder

Recalling past

” The old dilapidated sheaf of papers/ books and the spectacles suggest the working table of an old man who studies/ writes till late at night. The excellent use of color captures the mood and  the situation aptly. Minimal yet signifying selection of items and superb execution. “-JURY

” Lifeless??” by Nandini Talukder


“Beautiful use of colors creates a naturalistic portrayal of floating leaves and shadowy images of trees, branches and leaves in the falling light of the dusk. The lone white flower strikes a pulse emphasizing the otherwise lifeless pool of water. Beautiful idea, excellently executed.” -JURY


” Creative heart” by Trinath Majumder

Creative heart

” Gorgeous conceptualization a la Moebius, the famous French artist/ cartoonist. Density of detail is remarkable. “-JURY


” Bulb” by Vasundhara Srinivas

” Symbolic, wonderful imagination of a universe containing the glow in its core (filament). As if in the painter’s fantasy in the overwhelming dark surrounding the world aglow with light is to fall upon the universe and drive away the darkness. Open to the viewer’s interpretation. Good drawing skill, fantastic imagination. “-JURY

” Power cut” by Archita Goyal

Power cut

” Nocturnal distant view of a very high-rise apartment with a balcony partly illumined by a full moon. Beautifully conceived, skillfully executed.  With a man and a cat being visible from two different windows and a little girl on the balcony the art piece suggests a story left to the viewer’s perception and imagination. The light and shadow has been captured deftly.” -JURY

” Another busy day” by Rajnarayan Samanta

Another busy day

” Great capture of locale and figurative movement in superb texture avoiding redundant details. The lingering shadows carefully placed conveys that it is late hours of the day, as the struggle of the subaltern must continue. “-JURY

“Nest” by Biswajit Khan


” Immaculate rendering in water color. Impressive attention to details. Light and shade well captured. Good painting skill. “-JURY

“Leaf shadow” by Ankan Karmakar

Leaf shadow

” Excellent work in water color with a keen eye to the details. The idea of capturing the subject partly in actuality, partly in shadow makes it more attractive. The contrast of green and dry leaves, the object and its shadow are captured skillfully to give it a naturalistic effect. “-JURY

” Journey of a school girl” by Nandita Basak

Journey of a school girl

” The frontal view of the girl in bicycle is thrusty and imposing. The perspective view is thus powerful. The stylized invisibility of the girl is significant. “-JURY

” Woman in kitchen” by Sumanta Das

Woman in kitchen

” The low light in the kitchen and the light coming through the window falling on the utensils, clothing, skin and the walls is beautifully captured in light and shade and colors. Noteworthy is the contrasting capture of the refracted image of the right palm of the woman and the reflection on the left hand. The attentive moment of cooking is beautifully seized. “-JURY

” Portrait” by Nibedita Dey


” Incredible portrayal of the mood and expression of an old man with turban and folded hands conveying regards to someone. Immaculate details and soothing colors convey an extremely gentle modest look and a benign gentle expression. “-JURY

” Still life” by Sarama Tikader

Still life

” Good use of diverse color portrays an interesting though oft seen capture of still life. The baskets and the flowers are quite naturalistic while the background cloth cover breaks the illusion of naturalism. Compositionally well balanced. “-JURY

” Water splash stippling” by Satya Praveen

Water splash stippling

” Abstraction done carefully with a lot of attention to detail. Very good skill and idea. “-JURY

” Fish in market” by Sanjay Kamilya

Fish in marker

” Beautiful rendering of still life.  Superb idea, as live elements (fishes) have been captured as still life when they are dead. Good drawing and composition skills. “-JURY

” Solicited” by Rabindranath Jana


” Good sense and execution of graphics and composition. The multiple planes, the interiors and exteriors, the foreground and background in a labyrinthine formation has been very well captured. The color though is dull. Lots of immaculately done details deserve to be carefully noted.   Some see things  that others don’t.” -JURY

” Time composition” by Mahendra Mridha

Time composition

” The contrast of life and death in the gamble of life. The intriguing ambiguity is left to the interpretation of viewers. The bull’s eye in the back of the worn out young man facing he viewer accentuates the bleakness of the picture. “-JURY

“Untitled” by Sukanta Mondal

” Aggressive choice of colors. Ambivalent within the parameters of aesthetics and open to interpretation by the viewer. Good painting skill. Excellent technique. “-JURY