Trailblazer AwardGayatri Halder

Ritwika Ganguly
Dreamspinner AwardPompa Mondol

Debanjan Mitra
Mastercrafter AwardAnkan Karmakar

Dipshikha Biswas

Dwip Adhikary

Isha Sharma

Kunal Naskar

Nehal Gadia

Puja Kar

Rajesh Barman

Sanjib Behera

Sarama Tikader

Sayak Ghosal

Smarak Roy

Souvik Biswas
Budding Weaver Award(15 to 17 years old)Susmita Bala

Trailblazer Award

“Conversion” by Gayatri Halder using no Catchphrase


“Excellent idea: Built-up land eating up Mother Nature. May be used to illustrate maps of real cities, countries and even the world. Also, an interesting experiment in craftsmanship. Extremely sensitive and beautiful work.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Award category:-

“Reanimated” by Gayatri Halder using Catchphrase “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী”


“Unique style in use of the medium reflecting skill and sensitivity. Beneath intricacies of the work, there is great diligence of the artist.”- JURY

“Revisit” by Ritwika Ganguly using No Catchphrase


“Interesting idea very well executed with sensitive understanding of the medium and a well balanced use of colour. Not only artistic skill in using the medium but extreme thoughtfulness in ideating a work that successfully connects past and present, herself and her grandmother is noteworthy. Images of the same character separated by an unseen time machine are perfectly portrayed.”- JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Untitled” by Debanjan Mitra using No Catchphrase


“Wonderful work done with great confidence. Thought-provoking; Symbolizes the present state of mankind through expressive conflict of shapes and moods. Suggestive of the influence of Yves Klein.”- JURY

“Labour” by Pompa Mondol using No Catchphrase.


“Extremely subtle composition that hints at struggle without overt indications. The depiction of the discrete objects appears to be part of a story telling session. The bold lines in black with light green borders enhance the overall beauty. “- JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Diversity” by Ankan Karmakar using Catchphrase “Colours in conflict/বৈচিত্রের সংঘাত”


“Noticeable ideas behind the art work. Reflects a natural flow, spontaneity and passion for new techniques.”- JURY

“Pets 1″ and Pets 2” by Dipshikha Biswas using two different Catchphrases “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত” and “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী”

“Wonderful concept, yet so common. Beautifully communicates so much using so few elements. Positioning of the objects and their internal communication testifies a skillful hand and an observant mind.”- JURY for Pets 1

“Excellent composition with a subtle sense of humor. Maybe it highlights the unavoidable accidental moments of life. But the colors and lines in the art work needed more passion and imagination.”- JURY for Pets 2

“Subconscious” and “Untitled” by Dwip Adhikary using same Catchphrase  “Colours in conflict/বৈচিত্রের সংঘাত”

“Excellent. Thought-provoking. Portrays our multiple competing identities in the ‘subconscious’. A well conceived narrative that speaks of the consternation faced always by mankind. With its extremely creative idea the work evokes another worldly charm.”- JURY on Subconscious

“An interesting idea. The tone of the theme is magnified by use of matching colors all over the canvas. The art work is open to further possibilities.”- JURY on Untitled

“Lone” and “Embrace” by Isha Sharma using Catchphrases “Your own realities/তোমার আপন সত্য” and “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী” respectively.

“A charming work that is very subtle in its expression. Depicts soulful solitude painted with layers of vibrant colurs resembling the style of the European School. Beautiful use of the Gouache medium. “- JURY on Lone

“Wonderful composition. The details of the work claim importance. The mood underlying the idea of the art work gets through satisfactorily. The sensitivity is well conveyed through use of the gouache medium though handled rather amateurishly. “- JURY on Embrace

“Untitled” by Kunal Naskar using Catchphrase “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত”


“A brilliant work. Creative use of the medium as well as composition. Reminiscent of the 18th. century miniature painting series, “Two dirty old men smirking”. But silence on canvas has been expressed too literally while objects and colors could be used more eloquently.”- JURY

“Incessant” by Nehal Gadia using Catchphrase “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী”


“Wonderful composition. Truly original. The excellent draftsmanship demands attention. But the idea demands greater clarity.”- JURY

“Passion” and “A friend” by Puja Kar using Catchphrases “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী” and “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত”

Also, “Other Side” by the same Artist using No Catchphrase.

“The strength of the work is focused on the end point of the road. The digital drawing is interesting as much as its balanced composition that evokes joy in the mind of viewers. Has a dreamlike quality to it but needs greater skill of depiction.”- JURY on Other Side

“Calm and serene and but evokes a sense of the artist’s feelings. The details are nicely depicted and the light well used. The ambivalence about the girl in the painting rediscovering (?) herself through her art in the canvas is interesting.”- JURY on Passion

“A wonderful work that captures the beautiful bond between a girl and black cat engaged in silent conversation. A true digital display of dreams by the experimental artist. Judicious use of color adds to the attraction of the art work. A heart warming work .”- JURY on Friend

“The mound” and “The Torsha” by Rajesh Barman using Catchphrases “Your own realities/তোমার আপন সত্য” and “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত” respectively.

“Nice work of art. A painting that brings joy. The division of the planes on the canvas with perfect blending of colors is an excellent attempt made by the artist. Beautiful use of the medium done with a very skillful hand. The work could have benefited from more light and contrast.”- JURY on The Mound

“Extremely sensitive and free flowing work. So silent! So divine! Manifestation of Nature in such a classical study is truly adorable. The color-mix could possibly be improved (imaging true Nature) and the painting could be illuminated. “- JURY on The Torsha

“My dream” and “Existence” by Sanjib Behara using Catchphrases ” If you were a canvas/হতে যদি ক্যানভাস” and “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত” respectively.

“Wonderful thought and beautiful work that displays itself in sensitive handling of the medium. Good imagination. But in transforming the thoughts into some objects some abrupt frames have been overlapped on them resulting in a confusing canvas. Forms should be used in painting to convey a message/ idea or for entertainment.”- JURY on My dream

“Very well done. A direct image of the inevitable repercussions that technology has on our everyday life. The big idea behind the painting peters out in the overall composition of the work. Presence of the butterfly is, of course, redeeming.”- JURY on Existence

“Untitled” by Sarama Tikader using No Catchphrase.


“Innovative merging of ‘Art Nouveau’ style with Bengal Folk Art. Shows great potential of powerful work in future. However, despite some clarity of ideas, the execution does not match the artist’s ‘Lost Art of Bengal’ concept “- JURY

“Sitting” by Sayak Ghosal using Catchphrase “Colours in conflict/বৈচিত্রের সংঘাত”


“Based on a beautiful drawing the powerful work speaks volumes for the artist’s vision within. Measured application of color has turned the melancholic mood of the figurine into a long lost elegy. Skillful use of pyrography and a wonderfully minimal composition.”- JURY

“Waiting” and “Lost wish” by Smarak Roy using Catchphrases “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী” and “Content with silence/নীরবতায় তৃপ্ত” respectively.

“Great reflection of our harsh realities. The cartoonesque composition has a linear depth expressed in a candid manner. The painting, however, is not consistent with theme mentioned by the artist.”- JURY on Waiting

” The work mirrors the tragic times witnessed every day. Only the color scheme is in line with the theme as stated by the artist. But too much use of black color appears to have dominated the canvas and the sorrowful plight of the protagonist lingers on.”- JURY on Lost wish

” Untitled” by Souvik Biswas using Catchphrase “Story I fail to put in words/বলতে পারিনি যে কথা-কাহিনী”


“Wonderful work. An original composition by an adept hand is always a delight. The drawing part is strong but there is scope for making it more expressive using some vibrant colors. The art work is a perfect narrative in line with the theme conceived by the artist.“- JURY

Budding Weaver Award

“Fish” by Susmita Bala using No Catchphrase.


“A wonderful piece of art. The artist’s mastery on the medium is evident on the canvas. An extremely skillful hand.”- JURY