Abhinaba Nag
Gayatri Halder
Himon Das
Mohamed Naashif Abdul Azeez
Nandita Basak
Pankaj Malasi
Rabindranath Jana
Rafia Mahjabeen
Sayandip Samanta
Souvik Biswas
Subarna Adhikary
Sumanta Das
Susovon Ghosh
Vasundhara Srinivas


“The Call For Hands” by Amna Zabeen

Great idea.Conveys a deep sense of absence. Intelligent use of medium.”-JURY

The call for hands

“The dreamy boy “ by Abhinaba Nag

The dreamy boy

Excellent painting skill that has elevated a lively portrait almost into a reflective piece.”-JURY

“Impression” by Gayatri Halder


The footprints and their patterns reflect mastery in the beautiful and sensiive needlework. “-JURY

” Sound of silence” by Himon Das

Sound of silence

“An almost poetic depiction that reminds one of Turner.“-JURY

“The diversity of human beings” by Mohamed Nasheef Abdul Azeez

“Very strong imagination. Good technique. Unique visual style.”-JURY

“Hanging clothes”, “Stubborn” and “Conjunction” by Nandita Basak

“Reflects a lot of skill and a good message.”- JURY for Hanging clothes

“Beautiful choice of subject and technique, and a fluid use of colour superbly conveys motion and a playful mood.”-JURY for Stubborn

“Brilliant execution of the idea contained in the subject.”-JURY for Conjunction

“Sound of silence” by Pankaj Malasi

Sound of silence

“Minimalist and intricate, reminiscent of Patna Kalam School of Painting.”-JURY

“Solicited” by Rabindranath Jana


“Beautiful use of form and medium depicts a spiritual world beyond external superficial realism.”– JURY

Sound of silence” by Rafia Mahjabeen


Sound of silence

“Beautiful execution imbibing cubist style and Tagorean influence.”– JURY

“Poverty” by Sayandip Samanta


“Sound technique. Good understanding of the medium.”-JURY

” Creation” and “Untitled” by Souvik Biswas

“Commendable use of colours.”-JURY for Creation

“Very distinctive style.”-JURY for Untitled

“Evolution of life”, ” Winter of Life” and “Misuse of power” by Subarna Adhikary

“Very interesting symbolism conveys the idea skillfully with surrealistic influence.”-JURY  for Evolution of life

“Very interesting perspective and fascinating idea excel over a rather indistinctly communicated message.”– JURY for Winter of life

“Bold and honest content presented with great skill though the message is not so clear.”-JURY for Misuse of power

“Portrait of my mother” by Sumanta Das

Portrait of my mother

“Brilliant execution defying stereotype definitions”-JURY

“On the way” by Susovon Ghosh

On the way

“Extremely well depicted landscape.”– JURY

“Every step matters” by Vasundhara Srinivas

Every step matters

“Beautiful melange of the commonplace and the celestial”– JURY


“I just fell my own sound of silence.” by Rajdeep De

I just fell my own sound of silence.

“We at CMF warmly appreciate your interest in our Art Programs. The Jury members also appreciated the merit of your artwork.

But, as the stipulated rules of participation clearly precludes sending any entry done before one year, we sincerely regret that the same is deemed ineligible for consideration of award even if merited.

Please, read the rules/guidelines of participation more attentively before sending any entry, and strictly abide by the same.”