TRAILBLAZER Soumyadeep Roy
DREAMSPINNERS Vasundhara Srinivas
Sasank IVS
Dipshikha Biswas
Sayak Ghosal
Rajesh Barman
Soumitra Das
Koushiki Gupta
Mansi Gupta
Arnab Nag
Akash Dey 


Souvick Bhadra

Rajnarayan Samanta
Sinchan Biswas



A drop or Two by Soumyadeep Roy
The artist’s intent is crystal clear. Every shape has been built for a reason.The negative space anchors the subject. One of the most striking pieces I have seen lately. Colour contrast and detailed painting plus choice of objects creates strong imagination of “fragile contemplation”-Jury



Anxiety by Vasundhara Srinivas

Could not depict anxiety better!  Great use of the digital medium. It feels very analogue in it’s execution. Artist has the right taste for narrative and composition. Instantly eye-catching and evocative.  Very good application of skill. A novel idea. -Jury

Self Discovery by Vasundhara Srinivas

[Mastercrafter Award category]

Another great representation of digital work. The digital elements are not as well integrated as the “Anxiety” piece but this one stands strong. Well composed and executed, though appears to be more of an illustration than a painting. A really likeable idea! When you reach peaks of yours and stand in the “Zone”. Impossible is just impossible! -Jury

Ocean of Light by Sasank IVS

Strong graphic representation of a very delicate narrative. Fresh new take on a very familiar celestial body.  Though the visual is not very conveying-Jury



Untitled by Ankan Karmakar 

Unleashing water colour and let it flow over the free thoughts!  Colour contrast and technique are wonderful. Good treatment. Skilful execution of a pleasing composition. Very promising.-Jury


LUST BY Sayak Ghosal
Great work on skin tones and materials. Promising-Jury

Hot Tea by Dipshikha Biswas

It is hard to imply heated coals in paint but this piece does so and furthermore implies the dim moments of an Indian dusk.  Good treatment and composition. Very compact. Innovative choice of subject.-Jury

My Cycle by Soumitra Das

There is something incredibly precise in this representation of the bicycle. Not only does it use the best lines and shapes to bring the bicycle to life but it goes further to evoke a narrow alley tucked away in the heart of an Indian city.  Pleasing – good skill and composition.  Bears the characteristic freshness of intelligent use of water color-Jury


Portrait Study by Rajesh Barman

Incredible attention to detail creates this haunting portrait. One can read the chapters of personal life written in every wrinkle.  Great technical work with a pen.  A very good study. Very good technique, and choice of subject. Happiness on the face is beyond material world.-Jury

Old Tractor by Rajesh Barman

[Mastercrafter Award Category]

Very inspired still life. Great job finding the resting place of this forlorn tractor.  Very good skill. Fresh treatment  and good drawing and colour scheme.  . –Jury


Untitled by Koushiki Gupta

Good composition and painting. Reflects sincerity and love for traditional Indian art forms. -Jury


Radha Krishna by Mansi Gupta

Good reproduction of common Indian art form-Jury


A Seated Woman by Arnab Nag

 Remarkable understanding of anatomy and posture. It conveys subtlety even with it’s broad strokes.  Excellent technique! Remarkable choice of mood and subject.  Good skilful study. Realistic job.  -Jury

 Sorrow by Akash Day

Not sure if the artist intended the eyes of this woman to be hollow but it is a subtle touch that transforms the piece. Haunting and poignant.  Skilful but appears to be reproduction of a photograph-Jury


 Vintage Reflection by Souvick Bhadra

This artist has a personal signature. Scenes of nostalgia crafted into ethereal surrealism.  Apart from technique that are outstanding, the reflections bring motion to still life.  Very skilful but too detailed. Keep pushing the work and subjects.-JURY

“UNTITLED” by Souvick Bhadra

[ Mastercrafter Award Category]

Drawn in shades of graphite this piece lives in a realm between real and surreal. I can see the real staged scene used for reference but the artist’s execution elevates atmosphere in graphite haze. Incredibly meticulous representation as well as a wonderful montage of nostalgia-JURY


A Village Woman  by Debaritra Kundu

Simple, fluid and gestural. This captures life in a very few lines. -Jury

Rabindranath Tagore by Sinchan Biswas

Great exercise in mark making. Succinct structures created by rivers of ink.-Jury



UNTITLED by Rajnarayan Samanta

Wonderfully executed still life in watercolor. The dappled shadows and the lost edges are indeed lovable.  Very fresh water colour. The drawing perspective is very good.-Jury