Trailblazer AwardDebarati Ghosh
Sayan Mal
Subhasis Das
Toyefv Khan
Dreamspinner AwardNone
Mastercrafter AwardAyan Karmakar
Disha Mallick
Dwip adhikary
Joy Adhikary
Puja Kar
Rajarshi Sarkar
Samik Mitra
Sanjib Behera
Budding Weaver AwardNone

Trailblazer Award

“Identity” by Debarati Ghosh using Catchphrase “Impossible loop/অসম্ভবের চক্করে”.


A magnificent idea brilliantly executed. The use of the light and shadow effect and the precision achieved in terms of the detailing of the folds in the plastic bags are commendable. The vicious cycle of plastic pollution comes out in a poignant and hard hitting manner. Identity belongs to every piece of life. As it attempts to capture real-life visual, it could have greatly benefit from more practiced drawing, specially where bags are clipped to the line. A lot of potential in this work by the artist which can (and probably will) develop into a series.JURY

“joy” by Sayan Mal using catchphrase “First birthday of Kolkata/কোলকাতার প্রথম জন্মদিন”.



Excellent! Beautiful work! Amazing skills. The detailing and precision achieved by the artist in terms of the numbers on the buses, shadows of the vehicles and the contours of the Howrah bridge has created an amazing photographic effect. Brilliant representation of the city full of energy.- JURY

“Lockdown” by Subhasis Das using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.


Very relevant and nice work. A very well thought and well executed work. The effect achieved through the use of handmade paper, broken lines and distorted body contours is ideal to express the isolation, alienation and the resultant trauma that the pandemic has triggered in the present world. Every single element in the scene has an important role to play in communicating the idea.-JURY

“Changes” by Toyefv Khan using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.



Brilliant blend of theme, medium, and material. Evidently, much hard work has gone in creating the image using natural elements that make it easier to connect to the message. The minute detailing achieved through every individual step of the construction of the house is extremely commendable. The use of the technique and media to achieve this effect, deserves special mention.JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Livingroom” and “Eternal” by Ayan Karmakar using Catchphrases “The past in the present /ভূতের বর্তমান” and “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে” respectively.

Wonderful theme and beautiful idea to see the present through the lens of the past. The idea is novel. It beautifully highlights how the world (represented by the room) continues to exist as it is, even when the human(s) inhabiting it are gone. The world does not stop for anybody and no one is indispensable. Also, the theme of the pandemic makes it contemporarily relevant. However, there is space for improvement in terms of use of colours and brightness of contours.JURY on Livingroom

Beautiful and thought-provoking surreal composition that uses a lot of experimentation. Perfect contouring of the human body and a suitable ensemble of colours gives a beautiful tonal quality to the work. The execution of the catchphrase ‘drifting away’ is not very clearly represented in the painting. The work could benefit from more careful drawing. The catchphrase ‘drifting away’ is not very clearly represented in the painting.-JURY on Eternal.

“Outright” by Disha Mallick using Catchphrase “The place in between/মধ্যিখানে চর”.


An extremely evocative work that almost looks like a poem. The artist has not stated any thing about the medium, but its has been effectively used here. It has a beautifully executed photographic effect to it. The light and shadow effect adds a special dimension to the work.JURY

রক্ত মাংস/Flesh and Blood” and “কোদাল / Spade” by Dwip adhikary using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.

The theme is beautifully presented. The use of colours doesn’t overwhelm, and yet captures a certain vibrancy. The individual tropes present in the picture cannot be distinguished properly. The painting needs more clarity. Also, it is not very clear as to how the rationale of the painting, as described in the comments section, does justice to the catchphrase.JURY on রক্ত মাংস/Flesh and Blood.

Wonderful work. It is a well designed painting. The brightness of colours and the use of perspective creates a lovely overall effect. The optimism and positivity exuded in presenting the idea deserves appreciation. We expect to see more such work from the artist with enhanced painting/drawing skills as well as application of different symbolism techniques.JURY on কোদাল / Spade.

“Stoned” by Joy Adhikary using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.


Very good drawing skills and great idea, though the influence of Robert Crumb is extremely evident in this work. The work finds a well executed expression of the catchphrase. The framework of stoned sculptures used to project the movement from past to future is commendable. More clarity in sketching of the individual faces could have been used to bring a sharper effect.-JURY.

“Imagine” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে”.


The idea behind the artwork is excellent and well explained in the comment section by the artist, though it sets the vibes of Studio Ghibli films, particularly ‘When Marnie Was There’. The idea is clearly conveyed. It attempts to depict the deep rooted philosophy underlying the catchphrase in a beautiful way. The “real” part of life that she has missed is not too realistic. We expect the artist to explore further and express the concept with different elements.- JURY.

“Dawn” by Rajarshi Sarkar using No Catchphrase .



Great imagination and use of colours. The idea behind the artwork and its nomenclature is extremely relevant in terms of highlighting the contemporary socio-economic crisis prevalent in the country. The choice of colours and the innovative usage of the ‘rupee’ sign is commendable.-JURY.

“Soulmate” by Samik Mitra using No Catchphrase.


A beautifully painted artwork. The precision of the folds of Sakuntala’s dress deserves special mention. The idea inherent within the caption needed a more clear enunciation though.-JURY.

“”Kolkata” and “Distance” by Sanjib Behera using Catchphrases “First birthday of Kolkata/কোলকাতার প্রথম জন্মদিন” and “Drifting away … gradually/যাই ক্রমে সরে সরে” respectively.

Beautiful watercolor!  Creates a dramatic atmosphere. The use of different shades of grey creates a beautiful effect in representing the cityscape of Kolkata. The detailing achieved in terms of landmarks, vehicles and monumental structures typical to the city is much appreciated. The artist, we expect, will present us with more such well-composed creations possibly using higher contrast to good effect.-JURY on Kolkata.

A thought-provoking as well as wonderful piece of art. The work illustrates the idea very well. The representation of the differently abled people through silhouette creates an extremely hard hitting effect. More care in drawing the human anatomy and movements should help the artist in giving cogent forms to such incisive thoughts.Jury on Distance.