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“Hiraeth” and “Untitled” by
Vasundhara srinivas


“Very clever, interesting and beautiful conceptualisation. Software manipulation does not make it a straight one. Whether or not these pieces of work fall under photography, they are stunning creations.”-JURY


“A stuning creation of surrealistic visualisation. A fantasy created with carvings and texture of the desert sands and great use of lighting and shadows. Clever conceptualisation with skillful software manipulation.”-JURY

“Untitled” by Vasundhara Srinivas

(Mastercrafter Award Category)


” Clever conceptualisation with software manipulation.”-JURY

” Bird man” by Satya Sampath

Bird man

“Lovely Take. Unusual scene, interesting subject, sharp focus. The composition of this photoshoped piece could have been made more attractive, had the artist taken freedom of relying on his own imgination, instead of following the standard 50-50 rule.”-JURY

“A dynamic city and a stagnant heart” by Rainak Dutta

A dynamic city and a stagnant heart

” Well executed long exposure (good use of shutter speed), clearly shows a busy night scene and correctly exposed. The composition could have been more interesting with main object – building – not so centrally placed. “-JURY


” Superimposed” by Saptak Sengupta


” Great framing and perspective. Capturing such a candid moment in the street is indeed good thinking and smart reflex. Look forward to seeing such interesting shots from the artist in the future with much better execution.”-JURY

” Devotion” by Saptak Sengupta

(Mastercrafter Award category)


“Very unusual capture, devotion on the subjects face is captured well. A little more precision of timing and composition would have elevated the level of work.”-JURY


” Andaman clicks” by Debaritra Kundu

Andaman clicks

” Beautiful dramatic sunset colors and reflections in the water. Interesting composition, though the opportunity of applying the 1/3rd rule not utilized.”-JURY

“Pout” by sanjay Kamilya


“Clever shot, expect to be more imaginative.”- JURY

” Untitled” by Gunjan Koley


” Well thought out and executed. Interesting subject with patterns and contrast against the sky, the noise and blur could be fixed with a tripod and longer exposure. “-JURY

“Untitled” by Sourav Biswas


” Nice click of a bustling scene, subject is clearly visible and separate from the crowd, great framing! The picture would have come out better, had it not been unnaturally edited and blurred in places like “portrait mode” on a phone.”-JURY

“Flower” and “Khardungla” by Salokya Adhikari


“Great framing, but the depth of field could have been better (the bee appears out of focus), and the heavy JPEG compression artifacts. A little lower down POV could have improved the quality of the photo.”-JURY


” Lovely Land space, Well balanced composition and Very appealing. So much potential in this beautiful scene, avoidance of the extreme compression artifacts and the blurry and pixellated train could have escalated the overall quality of the photo.”-JURY

” Untitled” by Gourick Saha


“Beautiful capture (excellent capture of mood), good use of black and white to enhance the minimalist aesthetic.”-JURY

” Bally bridge” by Shubhayn Biswas

Bally bridge

” Great composition and frame, Well executed shot of landscape. However, the details of the bridge could be revealed, had there not been lots of compression and potential focus issues .”-JURY