Trailblazer AwardSatya Praveen Sampath
Dreamspinner AwardNone
Mastercrafter AwardDebarati Ghosh
Debaritra kundu
Sagar Biswas
Saurabh Maity
Sayantani Dhang
Shraboni Chattaraj
Srotoswini Sinha
Budding Weaver Award( only for 15-17 yrs of age)None

Trailblazer Award

“Birds Boy” by Satya Praveen Sampath using Catchphrase “Life with clipped wings/ছাঁটা গেছে ডানা … শুধু দিন গোনা।”

“Lovely action shot! Precise Moment rather a very good candid shot. Very Magical. The composition and timing in this photograph is excellent, it tells a story all by itself.”-JURY

Mastercrafter Award Winning Entry :

“Trapped” by Satya Praveen Sampath using Catchphrase “Life with clipped wings/ছাঁটা গেছে ডানা … শুধু দিন গোনা।”

“Pure environmental. This composition has a lot of potential, but unfortunately the person’s face is obstructed while they are looking right at the camera. In such a scenario it’s probably best to take a burst of photographs and try to pick the best one. Far too much of clutter of the birds hence whole idea of the boat to arrive at the centre of the frame to make this beautiful composition has become counter productive.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“The tunnel” by Debarati Ghosh using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”.

“Great capture of a scene one could easily walk by without noticing. Very well thought out and cleverly executed. Almost like a painting using crayons . Has a very ‘Van Gogh’ like appeal as it is more a monochrome in green. Simply Uncomplicated ! Very good environmental shot.”- JURY

“Wanderlust” by Debaritra Kundu using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”.

“Very dramatic photograph ,and some beautiful lighting ! Love the mood and visibility created by the capture of the cloud and the light on top of the little plateau on top of the mountain. Very water colour painting like canvas . a lighter touch with post processing may make this more natural.”- JURY

“The Figure”  by Sagar Biswas using Catchphrases “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু” . 

Also, “Destruction” using No Catchphrase.

“Very Nice, with a minimalist approach. The use of black and white here really enhances the mood of this composition. I can almost feel the silence of the surroundings.”- JURY on “The figure”.

“Nice idea, Photo-Journalistic , good attempt. but composition could be improved, specifically, the photograph is very “busy”, with no clear subject. For example, focus on the person and use depth of field to blur out the background slightly. Color could also help identify a subject, so not using black and white could also help in that scenario.”- JURY on “Destruction”

“Fly Away” by Saurabh Maity using Catchphrase “Images sans stories /ছবি আছে গল্প নেই।”

“Good framing and composition, unexpected depth in a minimalist photograph. Graphically appealing , but could have been a tighter frame i.e., too much of head room on top as well as space to the right of the composition , doesn’t necessarily add to the story. “- JURY

“Higher!” by Sayantani Dhang using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু.”

“Interesting POV!! Depicting Nostalgia. Looks like the photographer has witnessed this scene before and planned his shot to stage the drama right by introducing the kite. Well done. However, I’m not happy with the presence of the top of the buildings. “- JURY

“Magic in it” by Shraboni Chattaraj using  Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”

“Though a bit cliché but wonderful sunset captured with a beautiful and clear reflection, well done!”- JURY

“একা নয়/ Not alone ” by Srotoswini Sinha using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”

“Nice capture and well exposed, the dark shadows of the building add to the appeal of the image. Like your thoughts and graphical execution of the image.”- JURY