Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardAmlan Bhowmick
Dipshikha Biswas
Mastercrafter AwardBishal Das
Debaparna Deb
Jaitri Roychowdhury
Puja Kar
Puja Sikder
Rajarshi Sarkar
Sagar Biswas
Shishir Marathey
Shreoshi Neogi
SK.Anzar Hasnain
Souvik Biswas
Srijeeta Modak
Suman Das
Budding Weaver AwardNone


“Friendship” by Amlan Bhowmick using Catchphrase “Candid is the new cool/স্পষ্টতাটাই যুগের হাওয়া”


“Perfect example of a photograph which speaks of thousand words . Good use of monochrome here, it helps the subjects stand out with an interesting, yet not distracting background.”-JURY

“Friendship” by Dipshikha Biswas using No Catchphrase


“Lovely capture of an unusual moment. This frame is a very good recognition of the lives of the smaller species of animals. It seems as though the squirrels are conveying emotions we usually associate with humans. The photograph is exposed well with great framing, and subjects are sharp.”- JURY


“Street” by Bishal Das using No Catchphrase.


“Very creative idea! A perfect silhouette picture. Shadows in the water are very interesting. The minimalist appeal could be maximized by waiting for a single person to cross, or revisiting the scene on a cloudy day to add some clouds to make the top half of the photograph more interesting.”- JURY

“Colours” by Debaparna Deb using Catchphrase  “Explosion colorful/ছটা-য় আগুন”.


“Nice colors. Picture shot in a Buddhist monastery. It would be better to explore different perspectives and consider including some of the background etc”- JURY

“Destiny” by Jaitri Roychowdhury using Catchphrase “ Changing destination/বদলে চলে পথের শেষ”


“Beautiful scene, conveying the artist’s intentions well. A little low exposure may increase the beauty of light beams. A photographer has the ability to let his images speak a thousand words.”- JURY

“Innocence” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “Burlesque clouds/মেঘের মাঝে মজার গড়ন” and “Generation” using No Catchphrase.

“Impactful capture brimming with life, the subject’s joy is infectious and puts a smile on a viewer’s face. “- JURY on Innocence

“Unique capture, and conveys the artists intentions well. It is a good documentary photography.”- JURY on  Generation

“Art work” by Puja Sikder using No Catchphrase .

Art work

“Good documentary photography. But, the dolls in the foreground look a little arranged. Do explore other creative perspectives, for example maybe going down to the level of the figures. Focusing is good. Good depth-of-field.”- JURY

“গল্পের গরু/A cow of fiction” and “Ray of hope” by Rajarshi Sarkar using Catchphrase  “Perception, the only reality?/ধারণাই বাস্তবতা?” and “Explosion colorful/ছটা-য় আগুন” respectively.

“Even though the idea is old, nonetheless it is a very interesting and creative attempt .A little less of compression and unnatural editing will do good.”- JURY on গল্পের গরু/A cow of fiction

“Good photograph that conveys a lot of depth. The strength of the photograph lies in it’s mood created by the light .Do explore a less busy and/or more “interesting” foreground element. Nice shot. The intensity of reflection slightly disturb eyes.”- JURY on Ray of hope

“The boy” by Sagar Biswas using Catchphrase “Burlesque clouds/মেঘের মাঝে মজার গড়ন”.

The boy

“Creative and very unique portrait, with good framing. A square or tighter crop may remove some of the sky, which feels a little plain. Very nice approach. Sky Part and water Part is in 50:50 ratio. Sky Part may be reduced.”- JURY

“Sky portal” and “Happiness” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase ” Changing destination/বদলে চলে পথের শেষ” and ” Candid is the new cool/স্পষ্টতাটাই যুগের হাওয়া”.

“An example of different forms and shapes. Very graphic. Nice capture, would benefit from exploiting the symmetry in the architecture, as well as some light editing to bring out the shadows.”- JURY on Sky portal

“Superb capture, the light in the musicians eyes and their expressions seem so genuine and full of joy. Nice shot but too much of head room kills the framing.”- Jury on Happiness

“Desert Family” by Shreoshi Neogi using Catchphrase   ” Explosion colorful/ছটা-য় আগুন”

Desert family

“Very nice silhouette shot. Expect to see clever attempt with table top in the future.”- JURY

“Golden Mist” by SK Anzar Hasnain using No Catchphrase  and “Float of Joy” using Catchphrase “Candid is the new cool/স্পষ্টতাটাই যুগের হাওয়া”.

“Beautiful capture, from the spectrum of colors on the grass to the well framed bubble and the subject. The bubble is in focus, and a single bubble adds to the visual impact of the photograph. Nice thinking. Good focusing.”- JURY on Float of joy

“Masterful use of lighting, this is a photograph that tells an interesting story with a minimalist composition. Good focusing. Very nice exposure. Smokes, fire and cell phone are visible.”- JURY on Golden mist

“Undead”, “Candid” and “Safehouse” by Souvik Biswas using Catchphrase ” Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”, “Changing destination/বদলে চলে পথের শেষ” and “Perception, the only reality?/ধারণাই বাস্তবতা?” respectively.

“Very sensitive documentary photography. Good use of black and white. Nice shot. Zone system (gray scale balance) balance maintained.”- JURY on Undead

“Technically well executed, both birds are sharp and in focus! Good focusing.”- JURY on Candid

” Good try. Indeed a candid photograph! But the story and intent are not much clear.”- JURY on Safehouse

“Conch-shell” by Srijeeta Modak using No Catchphrase .


“Different thinking. Lighting stands out in this photograph, especially on the shell to highlight the texture. Great use of depth of field and framing.”- JURY

“Fine art” by Suman Das using Catchphrase “Burlesque clouds/মেঘের মাঝে মজার গড়ন”.

Fine art

“Deceptively simple scene that draws a viewer in with its details and shadows in the clouds. Wonderful composition that conveys a lot of depth and play of light. Well done! Gray scale balance is good.”- JURY