Puja Kar
Radhika Sivsankar
Sandipan Karmakar
Sanjay Kamilya
Tarpan Sarkar
Trinath Majumder
Vasundhara Srinivas



“Distance” by Progga Paul using Catchphrase “Keep distance … don’t you touch /ধোরো নাকো ধোরো নাকো ধোরো নাকো ভাই”


“An extremely funny cartoon with an equally humourous text that brings out the message well. A unique way to present the contemporary message of maintaing social distance, not mental distance. The illustration is done very skilfully.”- JURY

“Migrants” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase  “Power of love, love of power. / ভালোবাসার ক্ষমতা, ক্ষমতাকে ভালোবাসা”


” The artist deals with a very sensitive and touchy contemporary issue. The long line of people forced to abandon their shelters, their tiredness, desperation , determination but above all hope – all beautifully sketched out. The characters are well composed and colours are excellently balanced. The artist is advised to exercise some caution when superimposing two different types of graphics.”-JURY

“crossroads” by Radhika Sivsankar using Catchphrase “Home is where the heart is/বাড়ির টান, নাড়ির টান”


“The poster leaves a poignantly wonderful note. The characters are superbly sketched, their poses and the little distance between them successfully creates a whiff of tension and anticipation. The colours are well balanced. A little reminiscent of Justin Richburg’s work for Childish Gambino. Perhapes the artist needs to explore ways to represent people and environments in the Indian context to.make it more relatable to larger audiences in our country . Additionally, exploring the question of what makes something intereesting art versus what makes something a poster is an interesting question to explore (and perhaps the boundaries between the two might be blurry)..”-JURY

“Purity” by Sandipan karmakar using Catchphrase “Let us breathe/শ্বাস নিতে দাও”


“Good idea and very intelligent reworking of the Tabloid-Magazine format into communicating an essential message. The poster does a great job of highlighting a pressing issue – how our civilisations are clamouring to build more and more and higher and higher at the cost of nature. The land seems to have fallen away leaving very little space for the trees. Additionally, the leaning buildings towering over the precariously placed tree is emphasising the contrast. The artist shows good composition skills that need to be leveled-up with experiments with typography and colour. –JURY

“Love” by Sanjay Kamilya using no Catchphrase


“A minimalist work, witty and appealing. Brings out the contradictions in love beautifully. The artist could have used more compositional elements to make it better”- JURY

“Pran Dao” by Tarpan Sarkar using Catchphrase “Let us breathe/শ্বাস নিতে দাও”

“Visually beautiful and minimal! Though the underlying idea is intriguing, it creates an impact. .”-JURY

“Don’t touch” by Trinath Majumder using Catchphrase “Keep distance … don’t you touch /ধোরো নাকো ধোরো নাকো ধোরো নাকো ভাই”

Don’t touch

“With wonderful use of colours and through fragments, the lurking shadow of COVID 19 depicted amidst mistrust and fear prevailing now. The use of shadow of virus, not the virus itself is witty-an invisible enemy. The wooden fence / barrier and use of hand gestures play a great role in communicating the message. “-JURY

“Lost!” using Catchphrase “Search of meaning in flood of “facts”/তথ্যের বানে খুঁজে নাও মানে” , ” Love Thyself” using Catchphrase “Power of love, love of power. / ভালোবাসার ক্ষমতা, ক্ষমতাকে ভালোবাসা” and “Hope” using no Catchphrase by the same Artist Vasundhara Srinivas.

“Relevant and deeply provocating work of art. Compells us to ponder over what would happen if all our thoughts, words, opinions were to disappear ! If we no longer have our senses. The work also involves a silence and stillness that sends a powerful message. “-JURY say about “Lost”

“A good balance in the artwork. Choice of minimal colour and style imparts a sense of peace to look at. The artist has been selective in choosing elements to create metaphors that fuse together to tell a story. Wonderful visuals- plant growing out of the head, steaming cup of coffee, a window to the outside world.”-JURY say about “Love thyself”

“A very dream like work that uses black and white to evoke so much more. Use of a simple but effective metaphor-a river of light in a land of darkness. Choice of minimal colours and style makes it wonderful to look at. Depth and distance in an expansive landscape is captured beautifully.”-JURY say about ” Hope”