Trailblazer Award Rajnarayan Samanta
Dreamspinner Award Sananda Ghosh
Mastercrafter Award

Jayeeta Chakraborty

Joyee Chakraborty

Prashanthi. E

Puja Kar

Rajarshi Sarkar

Sagarika Pattanayak

Sankar Ghosh

Satya Praveen Sampath

Sayan Mal

Shreoshi Neogi

Srinjan Majumder

Budding Weaver Award( only for15-17 yrs of age)  

Trailblazer Award

“Addiction” by Rajnarayan Samanta using No Catchphrase.


“An appealing poster displaying the perils of the most pervasive addiction of our time. The addiction to the social media. The debilitating effect of the daily doses of the drug stunning our brains is captured in a nice, neat and conveying composition that promises much more provocative and more minimalist creations from the artist in the future. “- JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Help” by Sananda Ghosh using No Catchphrase.



“A very commendable attempt at conveying a message of high environmental significance. The composition is the result of excellent conceptualisation with the message conveyed loud and clear. Some more attention towards the skill of selecting fitting colours and shapes should see the artist creating yet more engaging images in the future. “- JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“আমার শহর/ My City” by Jayeeta Chakraborty using No Catchphrase


আমার শহর/ My City

“A simple, neat and fairly well-composed poster, with elements positioned randomly, capturing a few characteristic features of Kolkata, though rather incoherently. The artwork leads us to expect the artist, in the future, will come up with creations that are visually more appealing and aesthetically better composed. “- JURY

“Feckless” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase “Images sans stories /ছবি আছে গল্প নেই।”


“A commendable effort of conveying an out-of-the-box idea that promises many more thought-provoking creations by the artist in the future. The composition of this digital artwork is visually arresting, though perhaps a little too loud and the message attempted to be conveyed somewhat obscure. Working further on developing the skills of presenting the conceived idea in an exact way will see the artist creating poignant posters and artworks in the days to come.”-JURY

“Earthsong” by Prashanthi. E using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”


“The poster “Earthsong” is indeed a visual poetry of survival and migration in allusion to a literary work that turns tragedy into beauty. The idea is conveyed with an appealing subtlety and profound thinking. By honing his skills of balancing the volumes of the figures should help the artist in producing many more appealing creations in the future.”-JURY

“Heroes” and “Hope” by Puja Kar using Catchphrases “What’s in a name?/কী আসে যায় নামে?” and ” Life with clipped wings/ছাঁটা গেছে ডানা … শুধু দিন গোনা।” respectively.

“A very good idea brilliantly executed. The artist has mastered the skills of the digital medium very well and is capable of applying them to create pleasing images. We expect to see much more of her creations with more engaging visualisations in the future.”- JURY on Heroes.

“A skilful application of the digital medium to capture a touching idea. Over the years, we have seen honing of her skills and its application to capture a wide range of poignant, but aspiring, thoughts. We look forward to seeing more such pleasing creations from her exploring further into the unthought-of ideas and sharper presentations.”- JURY on Hope.

“Captivity” by Rajarshi Sarkar using Catchphrase “Life with clipped wings/ছাঁটা গেছে ডানা … শুধু দিন গোনা।”.

Also, “Sharing” using No Catchphrase.

“A nicely rendered poster for the cause the reporters without borders are fighting for. A more minimalist composition and choice of a milder background without so large fonts could have given greater prominence to the bird bound by strings. Would like to see the artist working more on colours to present us with more such aspiring creations of relevance.”- JURY on “Captivity”.

“The poster gives a form to a matured idea reflecting concerns of the World Food Programme in its fight against hunger. A thoughtful visualisation resulting in an engaging composition with good use of colours. With more focus and care on colour scheming, the artist should certainly present us with many more touching images in the future.”- JURY on “Sharing”

“Magic app” by Sagarika Pattanayak using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”.

Magic app

“A bright idea for a product ad with conceptually sound and amusing visualisation. More attention towards calligraphy and drawing skills should enable the artist in creating more pleasing images in the future.”- JURY

Two Untitled Entries by Sankar Ghosh using Catchphrases “What’s in a name?/কী আসে যায় নামে?” and “Life with clipped wings/ছাঁটা গেছে ডানা … শুধু দিন গোনা।”


“A simply beautiful and minimal composition resonating the intended message of unity amongst those who celebrate the occasion. The message conveyed with the clarity of your mind, however, fails to come through in general. More attention to your skills of handling the shadows and widened envisioning of your venerable creative ideas should see you creating amazing visuals in near future.”.- JURY on Untitled 1

“A very evocative visual and nicely communicated message. Though aesthetically well composed with very good use of colours, the image falls short of inspiring the viewers in acceding to the appeal made in the poster. Would like to see the artist employing more thoughtful and convincing visuals to convey his messages.”- JURY on Untitled 2

A “MAZE” by Satya Praveen Sampath using Catchphrase “What’s in a name?/কী আসে যায় নামে?”.


“Nice execution of an idea, which however is not evoking enough to engage viewers’ attention. It displays very good skills and an experimental frame of mind of the artist. Experimenting with different mediums, or combinations of them, is welcome, but forsaking the focus on the idea for that is undesirable. Learning more about colours and their effects on the viewer’s eyes and mind should immensely help the artist in creating incredible visuals as he wishes to.”- JURY

“Relation” by Sayan Mal using Catchphrase “What’s in a name?/কী আসে যায় নামে?”.


“Quite an impressive execution of an innovative idea of making a commonplace appeal. The appeal, though not out of the ordinary, its expression has pleasing elements that make it effective with skilful use of colours. Very nice effort. With more focussed attention to his skill sets, we expect more of such pleasing compositions from the artist in the future.”- JURY

“You Matter” by Shreoshi Neogi using Catchphrase “When reasons fail democracy prevails/ফুরাইলে যুক্তি … গণতান্ত্রিক চুক্তি।”

You matter

“The artist seems to be an exceptional individual, who is keen to grasp the essence from all that she comes across while forming her own views. A commendable effort of putting her message across could not become an out-of-the-ordinary composition, owing to the scattered manner of putting the elements together. With more work on organising her thoughts and framing them poignantly in a frame, we expect her to create exceptional visuals in the future.”- JURY

“Nothing” by Srinjan Majumder using Catchphrase “Images sans stories /ছবি আছে গল্প নেই।”


“A nice and simple a film poster. The overall positioning of the letters is good and well balanced. The poster could have been much more appealing as well as appalling, had artist paid more attention to conceptualisation. We expect the artist to acquire better drawing skills and come up with more effective posters in the future.”- JURY