Trailblazer AwardPuja Kar
Sayan Mal
Dreamspinner AwardSangita Sadhukhan
Trisha Banerjee
Mastercrafter AwardArijit Jana
Binoy Jana
Dipshikha Samanta
Ipsita Roy
Mayuri Bachar
Mili Mandal
Pallab K. Roy
Pranab k. Dhal
Rajarshi Sarkar (not awarded as was awarded thrice before)
Rajnarayan Samanta
Rishav Ghosh
Sananda Ghosh (not awarded as was awarded thrice before)
Sankar Ghosh
Shuvra Biswas (not awarded as was awarded twice before)
Soumitra Ghosh
Sourav Shee
Subhrajyoti Ghosh
Susmita Sadhukhan
Tithi Basuli
Budding Weaver Award (for only 15-17 yrs. of age and Newcomers)None

Trailblazer Award

“The Combat” by Puja Kar using Catchphrase “No planet B for us/”.

The Combat

“Smart idea and great execution. Very good wordplay in the caption with a well-imagined visual appropriatly conveying the artist’s message. However, the metaphor and depiction of the idea could have been explored with more depth. Excellent skill in character design and digital rendering! Small elements make this such a delightful work – the floating images of AI art in the background, the artist in the foreground using a brush as her weapon of choice, all the little details of the AI monster! Very delightfully done. “JURY.

“future” by Sayan Mal using Catchphrase “Nonchalant slumber/”.



“Great idea and execution. Subtle and smart. What a creative, sensitive but subtle way of expressing the message! Very well done. The typography of the text at the bottom is lovely.”JURY.

Dreamspinner Award

“Life” by Sangita Sadhukhan using Catchphrase “Nameless identity/”.



“Great idea! Excellent execution! Very beautiful and innovative composition. The idea of putting two very different experiences in the same frame is excellent. The perspective of looking at a child from the back is very impactful, though could have been more so with more innovative ideas. Also, the text should have been placed better. It takes away the attention from the image. We encourage the artist to try out different methods and techniques for photomanipulation as well. “JURY.

“খুঁজছি/Self exploration” by Trisha Banerjee using Catchphrase “Nameless identity/”.


খুঁজছি/Self exploration

“Very interesting composition with impactful expression. The medley of individually captivating and impressive elements in the composition leaves the viewer with an ineffable state of mind, just as the artist intend to. Somehow intangible impressive and reveals a complex and interesting mind. However, the visual, being not self explanatory, is not very appropriate for a poster. Nonetheless, we expect to see more interesting creations from the artist with her penchant for experimentation. “JURY.

Mastercrafter Award

“অপরিচিত/Nameless soul” by Arijit Jana using No Catchphrase.

অপরিচিত/Nameless soul

A refreshingly simple, but a fairly thoughtful, visual used to express a not-very-uncommon idea. The simplicity of using a single instrument to communicate. is impressive. Good control over the watercolors. The caption fails to create the desired impact, possibly because of the English translation of the original text losing some of the essence.-JURY.

pollution” by Binoy Jana using No Catchphrase.




“A simple, but interesting and communicative, idea. Flawless execution of an excellent composition. Very good typography. The execution is so good that if the medium of poster colours wasn’t mentioned, it would appear to be a digital artwork. Smart!”JURY

‘Dipshikha/The lamp” by Dipshikha Samanta using Catchphrase “My head is a very dark place/”.

Dipshikha/The lamp

“Explorative, expressive artwork. Good profound idea. It demonstrates excellent skill and creates a very intriguing effect. Interesting ambivalence in visuals, though too complicated a visual to get accross the idea in a poster. This qualifies more as a painting than a poster.”JURY.

“Khan Sir” by Ipsita Roy using Catchphrase “Nameless identity/”.


Khan Sir

“More of a portrait than a poster. The interesting take on the catch phrase “Nameless identity” makes it a very touching tribute to a very generous person, known to and highly admired by the artist. But the portrayal says little about the personality or character. The caption could have been more communicative for a wider audience and become more like a poster. The artwork demonstrates good fundamentals. The artist promises to present us with impressive creations in the future with more practice and experimentation with pen and ink drawings. “JURY.

“Smoking” by Mayuri Bachar using Catchphrase “Brain proposes … heart disposes/”.


“Excellent, creative and witty idea, though the visual is a too literal expression of the catchphrase “Brain proposes and heart disposes”. Addressing a very important health-related issue, the artist has made creative use of brain and the heart to represent desire and health. Very good execution. The proportions of the figure and the hands have been manipulated with excellent skill. Colour choices also communicate the message of the artwork effectively! “JURY.

“Mask” by Mili Mandal using Catchphrase ” No planet B for us/”.



“A great thought beautifully executed. An artistic and imaginative idea delicately depicted with woderfully chosen motifs of the lethal virus, the red and blue flame, the bird and the cloud, the record player and the flowers. Very good execution.”JURY.

“Save it” by Pallab K. Roy using Catchphrase “No planet B for us/”.

Save it

“An excellent poster. A great idea, simple but effective, of delivering a ‘statutory’ warning to the earthlings against complacency on degrading environment. Skill is pretty good as well. The hand skillfully painted and rightly placed. But, text could have been written in a better way. The watercolour in the background (the earth and sky) shows promising skill. We urge the artist to continue with his efforts in watercolor arts.”JURY

“Start” by Pranab K Dhal using No Catchphrase. 



“Powerful thought and execution. Apparently does not communicate much, but sends a wonderful and gentle encouragement to artists everywhere: “just begin” with the first stroke, the first sketch. Very skilled execution as well. Impeccable use of light and shadow. The medium used is not clear.”JURY

“Safe drive” by Rajnarayan Samanta using No Catchphrase.

Safe drive

“The topic is a very familiar one. The idea of the visual makes it neat and witty. The imagery of a sinking car reflects an interesting approach of communicating effectively the consequences of drunk driving. However, the artwork could have been more intense with more careful selection of motifs. The image of the bottle could have been avoided.”JURY

“ঘুম/Sleep” by Rishav Ghosh using Catchphrase ” Nonchalant slumber/”.


“Interesting idea. Creative and composed! Clever use of the catchphrase “Nonchalant slumber”. The artwork brings out the thinker in the artist. The idea is expressed using bold imagery with equally bold and confident line work and nice figures. It simply questions the direction we are headed for and refrains from declaring it wrong. Displays mature skills, colours could have been edited a bit though. The artist promises to develop an interesting style of his own with exploring beyond the common motifs and metaphors like dream cloud and melting globe.”JURY

“Controller” and “No Plan B” by Sankar Ghosh using Catchphrases “Nameless identity/” and “No planet B for us/” respectively.

“Great visual! Clever interpretation of the catchphrase. Interesting imagery and provocation. But, there could have been a little more critical thinking about the subject. The artwork could have explored how to depict who the controllers are, or how they exert influence or how it impacts people. Excellent skill in caricature. We look forward to the artist looking further for novel ideas, unexplored subjects and sharper expression in the future.”JURY for “Controller”.

“Smart. Idea could have been more innovative. Creative typograph and composition. The metaphor of having no path to the earth is quite effectively done. Minimal elements, but effective message. Some restraint in the use of texture would have been good. Would highly encourage developing his strengths in typography.”JURY for “No plan B”.

“Dark Side” by Soumitra Ghosh using Catchphrase “My head is a very dark place/”.

Dark Side

“Very powerful poster. Impactful, but could have been more innovative. The matter could have been dealt with a little more sensitivity and subtlety. The text on the poster and the photo is very straightforward. More ways of expressing the message could have been explored.”JURY.

“Untitled” by Sourav Shee using Catchphrase “No planet B for us/”.


“Excellent idea for the poster. The use of a chemistry-lab like environment to depict the environmental crisis is an interesting one. But, the idea needed to be developed further to convey the intended message unambiguously. Good skill of photomanipulation as well.”JURY

“Existence” by Subhrajyoti Ghosh using Catchphrase ” Nameless identity/”.


“Although the message is straightforward, the technique is very creative. Good execution of the idea. The visual created with very good use of colours leaves one discovering new parts of a bear in the fractal pattern the longer one looks. Very engaging, very creative.”JURY.

“Save Nature” by Susmita Sadhukhan using Catchphrase “Nameless identity/”.

Save Nature

“Good poster, but the visual does not do justice to the idea. Plastics forming a continent or a fish? Either way it is a good concept. Very skillful rendering of elements. Good choice of colors.”JURY.

“Aware” by Tithi Basuli using No Catchphrase.


“Simple and smart idea, though creativity falls short of expectations in subject matter and way of depiction. But, good to see void spaces and simplicity, though the elements seem a little scattered, like Bishwa Bangla logo could be more cornered, and the text aware looks misplaced.”JURY.

Awardable entries of participants awarded twice or more before.

“War child” by Rajarshi Sarkar using Catchphrase “No planet B for us/”.

War child

“Powerful communication. A hard- hitting poster on a very painful subject. Elements in the poster are well chosen. However, the visual could have been a little more powerful and clear. Very impressive that this was produced on a phone. However, we urge the artist to refer to examples of posters to improve composition and graphic design skills. Good attempt nonetheless. Text could be more balanced. We also urge the artist to work more on typography.”JURY.

“Addiction” and ” Please…” by Sananda Ghosh using Catchphrases “My head is a very dark place/” and “No planet B for us/” respectively.

“নিশ্চিন্তে/Relaxed” by Shuvra Biswas using Catchphrase “Nonchalant slumber/”.


“Good choice of idea, as it shows personal connect. Explorative as well, coming up with unusual colour palette. Nice execution of an amusing idea, using a literal interpretation of the catchphrase “Nonchalant slumber”. Displays very good skill in shapes, but not very communicative without a caption. The artist should experiment further with colors. A more vivid colour palette, for example, might have worked better with this artwork.”JURY.