Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardEva Prakash
Swarup Adhikary
Mastercrafter AwardSwagata Kunkri
Sahesh Das
Soumik Saha
Debolina Dutta
Budding Weaver Award(For those of age below 17 yrs and First timers only)Susovon Adak
Simi Deka
Arindam Adhikari
Anusuya Sen
Sujata Sarkar
List of Awardees

Dreamspinner Award

“Free Them” by Eva Prakash using Catchphrase “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব”.

Free them

“Nice ideation. Simple yet powerful and attractive execution. Interesting and impacting image work. Birds replacing vapour and the way dreams take off for flight is fascinating.”JURY.

“Wish” by Swarup Adhikary using catchphrase “Learning to learn – that’s Life! / শিখতে শেখা-ই জীবন, ভাই.”


“Great concept –subtle and impactful. Good execution. Apparently simplistic but very effective.”JURY.

Mastercrafter Award

“Poster” by Swagata Kunkri using No Catchphrase.


“Great work! Well composed with pleasing colour palette and hits the mark! The image is really deafening. The visual deals nicely with the topic, but somehow lacks the desired impact.”JURY.

“They live” by Sahesh Das using Catchphrase “Wanderers’ Nest / ভবঘুরের ঘর.”

They live

“Admirable idea and execution. Well composed. Impressive approach. Needs to improve text and typography.”JURY.

“Labour” by Soumik Saha using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ”.




“Excellent concept. Powerful metaphorical image with a simple, impactful composition. A very intelligent artwork. However, needs to work further on compositional balance.”JURY.

“Poster” by Debolina Dutta using No Catchphrase.


“Decent depiction. the intent is clear and stands out well. The execution could have been better by the use of proper typefaces. The poster successfully portrays the duality that kindles tender empathy.”JURY.

Budding Weaver Award( For first timers and those of age below 17 yrs. only)

“No Ragging “ by Susovon Adak using No Catchphrase.

No Ragging

“An exemplary poster on a relevant topic. The execution is bold, brilliant and impactful showing great skills of image making and text writing. The idea is fresh and interesting as it may provoke both the victim and the perpetrator of ‘ragging’ in educational institutions. But the image may be applied to portray similar other miserable conditions.”JURY.

Two Untitled Posters by Simi Deka using two different Catchphrases “Treasure of childhood / শৈশবের বৈভব” and “Reveries of the sleepless / রাত-জাগাদের স্বপ্ন” respectively.

“Excellent blending of the idea with the catchphrase. Beautiful execution of idea with telling images, their backdrops and appropriately placed scribbles. The idea is open to further exploration.”JURY on Poster 1

“Beautiful . Interesting concept. But needs to work further on execution , specially on typography.”JURY on Poster 2.

“Be Safe” by Arindam Adhikari using Catchphrase “Learning to learn – that’s Life! / শিখতে শেখা-ই জীবন, ভাই.”JURY.

Be safe

“Great idea, potent image; but execution is not as good.”JURY.

“Homeless” by Anusuya Sen using Catchphrase “Wanderers’ Nest / ভবঘুরের ঘর”.


“Smart and subtle Maximum impact through minimum depiction. The association of road and zebra-crossing with homelessness is appreciable.”JURY.

“Sensodine” by Sujata Sarkar using Catchphrase “Blunder at the root / গোড়ায় গলদ.”


“Excellent idea. Interesting artwork. Could have been a multi-layered imagery but falls short of going beyond the immediate meaning. Also, should have been more communicative.”JURY.