TrailblazerJoyee Chakraborty
Shuvra Biswas
Soumyadeep Mondal
DreamspinnerSandipan Karmakar
Shishir Marathey
Smarak Roy
Sananda Ghosh
MastercrafterDipayan Sarkar
Laboni Barman
Puja Kar
Sayan Mal
Srinjan Majumder
vasundhara srinivas
Budding WeaverNone

Trailblazer Award

“Save bird” by Joyee Chakraborty using Catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”

Save bird

“Most brilliant and evocative. This is a strong message being communicated very clearly through this poster. The artist has good communication skills.”- JURY

“মেরুদণ্ড/Spine” by Shuvra Biswas using Catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”


“A great poster design and a great message. Very nicely done. Would like to such creations from the artist with improved communication skills in the future.”-JURY

“covid 19” by Soumyadeep Mondal using No Catchphrase

covid 19

“A novel use of mythology. A witty poster and a clever idea to mass communicate the message of wearing a mask”- JURY

Dreamspinner Award

“Torture…” by Sananda Ghosh using Catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”


“The most poignant and hard hitting. This is a great as an artwork with a strong message. However it could be developed into as a better poster.”- JURY

“Changing….” by Sandipan Karmakar using Catchphrase “Changing destination/বদলে চলে পথের শেষ”


“Very nice concept. Reflects a sensitive mind. Need to hone the lettering skill. Expect to see such works with great ideas and better poster design in the future.”- JURY

“Dead!” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”


“Spooky. A great take on the social behavior. Excellent poster design. Very eye-catching and arouses curiosity”- JURY

(Mastercrafter Award Winning category)

“uoᴉʇdǝɔɹǝԀ” by Shishir Marathey using Catchphrase ” Perception, the only reality?/ধারণাই বাস্তবতা?”


Great looks. Interesting concept. But the message or depiction needs to be more clear. Typography in the poster is ambiguous.”- JURY

“Peace” by Smarak Roy using Catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”


“A very painful and poignant portrayal, may not qualify as a poster though. A potent message via the ‘Peace’. The quality and message of the artwork is of impeccable quality.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Awards

“Popularity” by Dipayan Sarkar using catchphrase ” Burlesque clouds/মেঘের মাঝে মজার গড়ন”


“An art work with many layers of meaning. Good effort but does not meet the needs of a poster. – JURY

“স্কুলছুট/school dropout” by Laboni Barman using catchphrase ” Burlesque clouds/মেঘের মাঝে মজার গড়ন”

স্কুলছুট/school dropout

“An excellent poster for alternative learning from a promising artist. The design could be better and content more focused on the idea.” – JURY

“Creation” , “Dreams” and “Diversity” by Puja Kar using catchphrase “Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”, “Changing destination/বদলে চলে পথের শেষ” and “Explosion colorful/ছটা-য় আগুন” respectively.

“A beautiful depiction of the idea with a wonderful message, conceived nicely.”- JURY on Creation

“The catch phrase is well illustrated by the idea of the art work. The design communicates the message clearly, the composition might be improved.”- JURY on Dreams.

“Good idea though rather too common. The translation and skills are to be further improved to attract attention as a quality poster should. “- JURY on Diversity

“Battle” by Sayan Mal using catchphrase ” Living dead/মরতে মরতে বাঁচছে যারা”


“A good poster design with good underlying idea and skill. Spelling in text needs more attention. Not quite appropriate for ‘Poster’ category.” –JURY

“Happiness” by Srinjan Majumder using catchphrase ” Perception, the only reality?/ধারণাই বাস্তবতা?”


“Commendable poster design with a unique and innovative analogy to a cactus. The design compliments the catchphrase well.” –JURY

“Perception” by Vasundhara Srinivas using catchphrase ” Candid is the new cool/স্পষ্টতাটাই যুগের হাওয়া”


“Quite a good work that evinces great artistic skill though the idea and the graphics are not really in tune with the catchphrase, title or his note.” – JURY