MASTERCRAFTER Trinath Majumder

Sri Hari Kanth Venna

Sashank Macharla

Soumyadeep Roy

BUDDINGWEAVER  Ishika Chatterjee



“UNTITLED” by Trinath Majumder

Associating preference for a product to the image of a seemingly well known political personality is a clever advertisement propaganda. The minimalist design and simplicity of presentation sends a powerful message.-Jury

“THE LINK” and “SAVE WILDLIFE” by Sri Hari Kanth Venna

Good use of digital media and truly minimal.  Good line drawing. But some text and intent needed to be added to make it qualify for a poster.-Jury

An attractive poster option. Nice work! The text preferably needed to be shifted a little rightwards instead of keeping it right in centre, aligning it with the centre of the legs of the rhino instead of the page; it would add a sense of movement to the image.-Jury

“SEMINAR” by  Sashank Macharla

Despite being overused,  the idea behind digital reinterpretation of creation is  excellent. An equal measure of skill in execution would make it a very good poster.   The graphic layout needs to be reworked. There needs to be more contrast in font sizes based on their relevance. But, it is disturbing to notice any off-aligned text, such as ‘New Delhi.-Jury

“ANARKALI” by Soumyadeep Roy

A beautiful minimalist and Indianised graphic portrayal of Anarkali’s life story. The historical period flavour is well captured. The lines help to build up a strong character.  There is promise of artistic potential leading to signature work of the artist.-Jury



“UNTITLED” by Ishika Chatterjee

A lovely poster for a play which is innovatively abstract but clear of the plot.  With effective training and guidance, the artist should be able to produce posters with fewer elements and better balance. More attention on font size and style could have made the poster more attractive.-Jury