TRAILBLAZER  Jithin Kairamkonda

Soumyadeep Roy



MASTERCRAFTER  Shishir Marathey

Abhishek Bhanukumar




Trailblazer Award

‘META’MORPHOSIS  by Jithin Kairamkonda


Brilliant! A short, crisp and highly imaginative story capturing a wide domain of ideas in very few words. The entertaining rhymes and many well-chosen words reflect tremendous potential of the author-Jury

Painting the Monalisa  and  Music Box by Soumyadeep Roy

Painting the Monalisa

[Trailblazer award category]

Excellent.  This is a story of how the Mona Lisa was painted. The author’s imagination transports the readers to a fantastical world of Leonardo Da Vinci’s time while his perceptive observations draw a beautiful portrait of the artist and his tender attachment to this creation-Jury 

Music Box 

[Trailblazer award category]

A well-paced, inventive style with a lyrical flow of words. Refreshing ideas are relevant to today’s world. One is transported at once to a happier mood-Jury

M by Soumyadeep Roy


[Dreamspinner award category]

A perfectly legible and certainly inventive style that evokes deep reactions within. One tends to unconsciously slip on author’s shoes and seeing through author’s eyes and words. The repetitive writing style is offset by the idea and perceptive observations. At the end, however, the readers are left asking for a good story from the composition-Jury 


Lilac Skies by Pooja Motwani

Lilac Skies

Incredibly imaginative and great fluidity in storytelling. One feels tempted to identify oneself with the protagonist character. A more enjoyable story line is welcome. Also, here is a quote to think about:

“Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.  This requires not that the writer makes all sentences short or avoid all detail and treat subject only in outline but that every word tell.”

Nonetheless, the writer should go on adventuring on the uncharted paths-Jury


Food for Thought by Shishir Marathey

Food For Thought

The traditions of reggae and rap painted with admirable articulation. A likeable idea expressed in inventive style with multi-syllable lyrical structures. The written words, though in need of a little finesse, evoke a longing for hearing them actually being rapped-Jury

Untitled by Abhishek Bhanukumar


The prosaic style of poetry followed here captures volumes in few genuine lines of lyric. This makes it an interesting reading in itself. One would have preferred better placed narrations in unraveling  eventful situations , especially at crucial junctures-Jury