Soumyadeep Roy

DREAMSPINNER  Jithin Kairamkonda
MASTERCRAFTER  Trinath Majumdar

Arshad Ahmed

Sanjay Kamilya

Syamantak Chattopadhyay

Debdutta Banerjee

Arpan Bhattacharyya




Trailblazer Award

Latest supper BY Arnab Nag
Inspired by Vinci’s famous ‘Last supper’, the  digital caricature presents 13 world famous artists . The whole thing is done in an excellent way and reflects the artist’s earnest penchant for application of digital arts in giving shape to imaginative ideas-Jury


Babu BY Soumyadeep Roy
Excellent satiric illustration, situating a noveau riche Bengali Babu of the 19th Century Kolkata in the 21st Century. The style adopted for capturing the babu in a luxuriating posture and the customary cosiness reminds one of the Great Jamini Roy. Surely, the artist, with his passion for creating imaginative visuals, has much more to offer in the future-Jury


Discover Yourself BY Jithin Kairamkonda
Highly imaginative, but simple, in exploring the “sunny side of the little day-to-day trivialities”.  The artist with his minimalist and focussed style and some more honing of drawing skill, will have much to offer in the future-Jury



Big fish BY Trinath Majumdar
Visualising the powerful as “Big fish”, in a senseless world, all set to prey on the weak.  Stylisation is very good. Expect to see more from the artist with improved ideas-Jury

Untitled BY Arshad Ahmed
A really excellent attempt to portray the present political scenario. The concept and style bear signs of a complete cartoonist. Improved drawing skills and ability of spotting farcical stories will help the artist do better political cartoons in the future- Jury


The Robot BY  Sanjay Kamilya

The robot the artist wishes to build one day. Most interesting and innovative idea rendered with crystalline clarity and subtle humour. Like to see the artist put in more efforts to produce more flashes of his imaginative mind-Jury

Self caricature BY  Syamantak Chattopadhyay

A self-caricature, scoffing at his own bewildered state of mind. Drawing skill is highly praiseworthy.  Clearly, the artist has the possibility of becoming a good caricaturist-Jury

Blue Self  By Debdutta Banerjee

A very good attempt at making caricature of personality in his engaging self. The portrayal could have been more interesting with some more creative thinking. More experimentation and  practicing with water colours will help the artist in producing striking images-Jury

Revolution  By  Arpan Bhattacharyya

A clear message of changing the society, expressed with wishful simplicity. The drama captured in the alluring composition could have been more interesting with ingenious colour schemes-Jury