Trailblazer Award None
Dreamspinner Award None
Mastercrafter Award

Srinjan Majumder

Taranga Banerjee

Budding Weaver Award ( only for 15-17 yrs old and First timers.)

Jayanta Pal

Nilutpal Chakraborty

Mastercrafter Award

“Falling in love” by Srinjan Majumder.

“Simple narrative of slice of life. Execution is also very good. Definitely it’s a better made film in terms of fiction filmmaking.”JURY.

“Concurrence” by Taranga Banerjee.


“Here the narrative itself is the idea of the film. Smart attitude with an inclination towards the populist cinema is prevailing in the film.”JURY.

“Somoye” by Jayanta Pal.

Budding Weaver Award

“Subject, art direction and frame are quite good. Technically could have been better though. Quality of editing requires Improvement.”JURY.

“Infinity” and “Hiraeth” by Nilutpal Chakraborty.


“Design and cinematography are engaging, idea is not very convincing. It is a nicely executed audio visual splendour but seems a bit naïve.”JURY for Infinity.

“Interesting because it carries layers of understanding underneath. This is a good attempt. However, narrative structure and execution could have been better.”JURY for Hiraeth.