Trailblazer AwardNone
Dreamspinner AwardNone
Mastercrafter AwardSrinjan Majumder
Budding Weaver Award( For those below 17 yrs .of age and First timers only)Ishan Naha
List of Awardees

Mastercrafter Award

Thamma” by Srinjan Majumder.



“This polished film breathes new life into the classic “Saas-Bahu” narrative. While the central conflict – the fracturing of the joint family system in favor of nuclear units – might seem familiar, the film approaches it with a refreshing perspective. The storyline is very relevant to the present-day social crisis, generation gap ,differing value systems and very authentically played by the actors/actresses. The photography has clarity, the soundtrack clear and the sets are authentic.
However, the true heart of the story lies in the enduring love that transcends generations. Despite the inevitable clashes between tradition and modern values, the bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter remains a constant source of warmth and affection.
It’s the leading lady’s captivating performance that truly elevates the experience. Her brilliance breathes life into the characters and their struggles, making this a compelling exploration of family dynamics in a changing world.”

Budding Weaver Award ( For First timer and those below 17 yrs of age only)

“Nandanik” by Ishan Naha.



“This short film sets its sights on a young actress’ struggle. The intention to explore the parallel between the character’s internal world and the demands of her profession is an intriguing one. The coincidence of Diya’s real life with the script will definitely give a jolt to the viewer for its unusual storyline. The filmmaker has given thought to differentiate the real-life part and script-reading, but the execution falls short.
The thematic connection between the actress’s obsession and the relentless pursuit of perfection in her acting career feels underdeveloped, failing to fully explore the complexities of living with OCD. It lacks the depth and nuance necessary to resonate with the audience. Furthermore, the acting fails to elevate the underdeveloped theme.
However, the film isn’t entirely without merit. There might be glimpses of potential, a spark of an idea waiting to be fully realized. With a stronger script, more focused direction, and a committed performance from the cast, this short film could be reshaped into a more impactful exploration of a challenging topic.”