Trailblazer Award None
Dreamspinner Award Debanjan Deb
Mastercrafter Award

Satya Praveen Sampath

Subrata Halder

Budding Weaver Award(For age gr of 15-17 yrs only)


Dreamspinner Award

“Alone” by Debanjan Deb


“Divided in 3 episodes (Days 6, 7, 8), each having similar shots, the film communicates the basic idea of “aloneness” intelligently and deftly in simple narrative style well supported by a conforming musical score.”- JURY

Mastercrafter Award

“Vizag” by Satya Praveen Sampath.



“Lovely advertisement film about Vizag. Skillful use of drone for aerial capture of lush visuals that are supported by good and appropriate use of music. But the city people are hardly found in the film that exhibits more of skill than ideas.”- JURY 

“Nauko/Boat” by Subrata Halder



“The background music at the beginning and the string music thereafter help to narrate the subject withj good framing of shots. The participant’s explanatory note is not in line with the film text. Depicts our changing art of living. Decently made film; reminds one of the changing simple joys of life across generations.”- JURY